LA WEEKLY BLASTS JOSE HUIZAR OVER MISSING MONEY!!!: "Los Angeles City Councilman Jose Huizar might be the first incumbent ousted by an outsider since the 1980s if he isn’t careful."

[PICTURED: A smile you can trust? NOT most people who open their eyes and take a look at what Jose Huizar does with your city money. Some of it seems to be “missing?”]

HERE’S A HOT BED ISSUE THAT HAS BEEN PLAGUING THE PEOPLE OF COUNCILMAN JOSE HUIZAR’S DISTRICT…and hopefully, come election day the issue will also plague the dumb and shady Jose Huizar at the polls on March 8, 2011. Glad to see LA Weekly pick up on this issue after ZD has blasted Huizar on it, so many times during public comment, every time it came across the agenda. (That was three and four years ago.) NICE TO SEE LA WEEKLY FINALLY GIVE A SH*T ABOUT CD 14. (I was told forget CD 1 & CD 14 when writing for L.A. Weekly because no one cared about the area.)

LA WEEKLY: Jose Huizar, Los Angeles City Councilman, pressed to explain $1.5 million missing from Eastside pollution control fund
Los Angeles City Councilman Jose Huizar might be the first incumbent ousted by an outsider (Rudy Martinez, profiled here) since the 1980s if he isn’t careful. La Opinion is exposing that Huizar funneled $1.5 million from a fund for offsetting air pollution on L.A.’s Eastside — and Huizar used it to pay his huge personal staff’s salaries and to “repair streets.”
Last year, Huizar got caught by Colleen Williams at KNBC-4 spending $3,000 in public funds to go to the East Coast — where he just happened to attend his school reunion. He repaid the money only after learning of KNBC’s report (featuring Zuma Dogg).
Of course KNBC found that most of the Los Angeles City Council members, who earn a staggering $178,789 for doing what LA Weekly has shown many times to be a shoddy job (but read “Los Angeles on $300,000 a Year,” for the distressing details all in one swoop)
use taxpayer money on personal luxuries.
But Huizar is the only one of the City Council incumbents facing a challenger in the March 2011 primary who has a nice, fat campaign chest of $250,000.
So Huizar’s every step in recent months, and in the next couple of months, will be reported by bloggers and media who see him as weakened and vulnerable.
About $2.4 million has been set aside to offset pollution caused by CLARTS, a huge garbage transfer and recycling facility built in Council District 14.
But as reported by bloggers and La Opinion just as everyone was leaving Los Angeles for Christmas week, Huizar has talked his fellow City Council members into diverting more than $1.5 million of it into his own special projects, and to help pay for his big, personal staff.
From initial reports, it looks like zero pollution mitigation — zero — was achieved with the diverted $1.5 million.
Huizar foolishly refused to tell what happened to that money, even months after bloggers and members of the media asked under the California Public Records Act or Freedom of Information Act what Huizar he had done with the cash.
But powerful Los Angeles City Council members with huge personal staffs of 14 to 22 people are not believable when they tell bloggers and newspapers to ask somebody else for their spending data because they don’t keep track of it.

REMEMBER…there is an election to vote out Jose Huizar on Tuesday, March 8, 2011. PLEASE DO SO. After attending countless L.A. City Council meetings over the past five years…THE EASIEST DECISION ANYONE IN THE CITY HAS, THIS ELECTION…IS TO VOTE OUT  HUIZAR!
More on Jose Huizar and why he is the OBVIOUS choice to throw on his ass to be posted at this election season…START HERE: L.A. CITY COUNCIL – MARCH 8, 2011 ELECTION VOTER GUIDE (A rundown of all the March 2011 election districts.)

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