CORRUPTION NEVER SLEEPS…so neither does Zuma Dogg…L.A. City News 3AM UPDATE for Thursday, December 23, 2010

[Pictured: He’s starting with the “Man (pictured) in the Mirror.”]

  • ALRIGHT, Y’ALL…the 2AM HOUR LIVE webcast & tweeting has been fun. But it’s already 3am! Time to go to 24 hour coffee shop for some coffee. less than a minute ago
  • THANKS to everyone who listened in on ZD’s super-special LIVE 2AM HOUR webcast where I exposed stuff I’m usually too scared to talk about. 2 minutes ago
  • OFF FOR CHRISTMAS: Zuma Dogg & L.A Daily Blog will be taking our annual time off for holidays. NO political blogging from 6a-7a on X-mas. 5 minutes ago
  • Zuma Dogg…always a “last minute” person…FINALLY feels like the holidays, today! MERRY CHRISTMAS, EV-ER-Y-BODY! From DJ Zuma Dogg! 8 minutes ago
  • ZUMA DOGG…here to be a human “dye pack” on politician shady money. They may have it…but ZD prevents them from enjoying their luxury. 19 minutes ago
  • cnbc: ‘Large Guy’ Convicted in Chicago Racketeering Case (I’m waiting for ‘Small Guy’ convicted in L.A. Racketeering Case. As in “Antonio.”) 25 minutes ago
  • I tried to pitch a script to Hollywood agents about L.A. City Hall, but they told me they already made a movie about that…”Chinatown.” 28 minutes ago
  • DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ANTONIO VILLARAIGOSA & BERNIE MADOFF: Bernie Madoff lives in NYC. Villaraiogsa is from L.A. 29 minutes ago
  • DIFFERENCE BETWEEN L.A. CITY COUNCILMEMBER & L.A. GANG MEMBER: Councilmembers wear nice suits. 31 minutes ago
  • SAY A PRAYER FOR OPRAH!: Gaye King reporting that Oprah is just a nervous wreck over the launch of her new TV project. What if a slow start? 52 minutes ago
  • RT @villaraigosa: With CM Hahn announcing Harbor area expanded its State Enterprise Zone! (EXTRA $$$ FOR JANICE!) 57 minutes ago
  • NUCH: The REAL problem w medicated pot brownies: They taste so good, ZD ate WAY too many, for taste. Slept from 7p-12mid. Up all night, now! 59 minutes ago
  • TOP 5 COMEDIC PERFORMERS IN U.S. HISTORY: Eddie Murphy, Jim Carrey, Zuma Dogg, Robin Williams, Chris Farley. (NOT a list of comedians, FYI.) about an hour ago
  • L.A. City to crack down…no, that’s it…just L.A. City to crack down. about an hour ago
  • IT’S TRUE: NC Committee Meeting @ Venice Beach CANCELED due to problem exposed by folks at THIS meeting! TOLD u WE rule! about 15 hours ago
  • NOT FAIR: After ZumaDogg BLASTED on blog about Venice Beach meeting and how it was waste of time, they canceled it. I WANTED TO YELL @ THEM! about 16 hours ago
  • I woke up and just wanted to check my email for a second…turned out to be a blog-a-thon and calls all day. Gonna force myself to watch TV! 1 day ago
  • lanow: Decoding the March 8 L.A. city ballot (CAREFUL: Must consider the source is L.A. TImes. Discount any opinions.) 1 day ago
  • Rain has started back up again at Venice Beach. The storm of the year is predicted tomorrow, starting…NOW, I guess. Better take final run! 1 day ago
  • RT @latimes: Rental car deal: Enterprise $9.99 weekend special lasts into 2011 (A 2 or 4 door-buster sale!) 1 day ago
  • LAPD recommends avoiding Vanowen in CANOGA PARK next hour due to sink hole. (ZD recommends avoiding Downtown FOREVER due to L.A. City Hall.) 1 day ago
  • CD13 STAB FRENZY: Stabbing in H’ywd & Vine complex. Then another in Argyle entrance. Bloody shirt found in elevator. OJ Pt 2 in Eric’s CD13? 1 day ago
  • LA CITY NEWS MARCH 2011 L.A. CITY COUNCIL – ELECTION EDITION by Zuma Dogg Welcome to LA City News – Election (cont) 1 day ago
  • [LOPEZ vs DOGG in ’13 Election?] George Lopez says he’d like to be L.A. mayor. Says he’s not joking. [UNFUNNY comedian!] 1 day ago
  • Not ACTUALLY a blogging MACHINE. Never said I was Mr. Perfect Human. I do as much as I can on daily basis DESPITE daily hurdles of bipolar. 1 day ago
  • RUNNING AGAINST HERB WESSON on 3/8/11: Many of you know And GET TO KNOW in Dragon FIRE!) 1 day ago
  • HERB WESSON will say the shady CRA project merger as ZD blogged about is “on hold.” (He THINKS till after election. NOW, on hold, FOR GOOD!) 1 day ago
  • HERB WESSON’S POLITICAL CAREER: ????-December 2010. IT’S OVER, HERB! More documentation coming. When are you up for re-election, Herb? 1 day ago
  • HERB WESSON: Your deputy is a thug & I don’t like your job as HOUSING chair, nor what I am hearing. Got your weenie in a Korean Finger Trap! 1 day ago
  • HERB WESSON: I warned you about LAHD conflicts & ZD is STILL in gadfly biz. You say “hold” on CRA merger. NOW, it’s FOREVER w TRUTH EXPOSED! 1 day ago
  • SORRY Wesson/CRA money funneling story has to come out, now, just as ZD thought he was retired as gadfly, but I guess it’s gonna be a while. 2 days ago

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