[Pictured: Remember THIS picture and blog post from Monday, where we TOLD you this is where the decisions were being made…]

PUBLIC NOTICE: Today’s meeting of the Venice Neighborhood Council (Ocean Front Walk Committee) HAS BEEN CANCELED due to shady tactics as alleged in the email below. I guess they aren’t better than Mark Herd, either.

But first…YOU LOST! But are CONTINUING to try to give the Venice NC bamboozle shuffle to Team DOWD/DOGG member Mark Herd…the meeting today was CANCELED because these snobby NC members think they are superior to Team DOWD/DOGG, but they are CLEARLY inferior when it comes to these matters. SO WE HAD THE PLUG PULLED ON THE MEETING! WHEN WILL THEY LEARN? THEIR WEALTH DOES NOT BUY THEM CLASS. AND NEITHER WILL OURS! (LOL!)

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Mark Herd
Date: Mon, Dec 20, 2010 at 9:56 AM
Subject: Re: Committee Agenda and petition to remove Ivonne Guzman from the VNC
To: Ivonne Guzman

As Chair you know that it is your responsibility to forward committee info to the entire email list. That was voted on at the second meeting. Not only have you left my agenda item off the agenda, failed to include me in committee emails but you haven’t even sent the agenda out to me. I also requested the committee email list which you don’t seem to want me to have either. Why are you stonewalling? Why are you leaving legitimate issues off the agenda? The meeting is this Wed. Dec 22. at 9:30 am. If you cannot do the simplest requirements than could you please email me the petition to remove you from the VNC. I will be bringing several homeless stakeholders to the meeting. They have been disenfranchised by you and this committee based on the facts that are attached. You should have agendized this issue but you decided to be the decision maker for everyone, what’s up with that?. That is wrong. I’m sorry that this petition campaign to remove you has to be done. I understand you are working hard but you have no right to shut me out as has been done to Matt, Marie, Carol and every homeless person in Venice. That is what I and a growing number of stakeholders consider, discrimination. .
Mark Herd
OFW Committee Member

OUTCOME: MEETING CANCELED. (BEST BELIEVE, *&#^$!) Sorry you did not get to accomplish things for DOWD/DOGG to VETO!


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