NEW: YOUR FEEDBACK NEEDED: What Did L.A. City Council Vote For Over Past 4 Years, That You Want To Remind Voters of THIS MARCH 8, 2011 Election (Ex: New Fee & Rate Hikes)

[Pictured: Zuma Dogg soliciting community feedback for March 8, 2011 PRINT edition of L.A. City News for March 8, 2011 City Council elections.]
Zuma Dogg will be publishing a print edition of LA City News to circulate around the city, this L.A. City Council election season. (Elections in CDs 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 & 14 on Tuesday, March 8, 2011.) 
An initial run of 20,000 copies should be a good starting point to distribute among the seven districts. More copies can be printed, right off the bat, if people take out ads. (ZD will be hitting up local businesses and services.)
ZD has PLENTY of ideas — and will be writing a lot of the articles. But I really would like if you can search your brain for things L.A. City Council voted for, over the past four years (or during the councilmember’s term) that you would like to have come back to haunt them this election! 
Here are some idea starters from my facebook page, where you can post your thoughts:
  • Zuma Times Here are one’s I thought of…so besides these: Trash Collection Fee & hikes, DWP increases, parking meter hikes, Prop S phony phone tax, RENT ESCROW (REAP), 80 jobs for stimulus money…ADD YOUR PEEVE (Ordinances, changes & service reductions & hikes.)

  • Zuma Times MORE: Affordable Housing not being built after money is funneled in, Medijuana non-policy then BLOWN ordinance, City Council Trips (ZD/KNBC report), CRA money from ACROSS THE CITY funneled into LOSER Grand Ave Project: Could have been used to re-develop ACROSS CITY…post your council peeve….

  • Robert Weil Three Terms for the L.A. City Council Members????? Most Do Not Deserve One Term!!!!!!! Thanks To Mayor Villa, So Called Clean City Elections Measure R of 2006……. L.A. City Counil Members get Three Terms and L.A> City Elections are still as Dirty!!!!!!!

    PUBLIC NOTICE: Vote out Tony Cardenas, Tom LaBong, Herb Wesson & Jose Huizar…BUT SUPPORT THE RE-ELECTION OF BERNARD PARKS. (The ONLY council member who has a CLUE as to what is going on regarding the budget and is the only RESPONSIBLE voice among the others. DON’T BE PETTY…I KNOW you may not like Parks for other issues…BUT AT THIS CRITICAL JUNCTURE IN TIME…YOU GOTTA FOCUS ON THE BIG PICTURE — AND AGAIN, not be petty…WE NEED PARKS IN CHAMBERS. (I have NO reason to be this passionate about this…except for what I have seen over the past four years. And the guy pisses me off over his feeling and beliefs on “Code of Conduct” (which is the only thing that affects me directly, regarding Parks), but the guy’s gotta be in chambers!

    AND FINALLY: If you live in a district that DOES NOT have an election, this March…THIS COUNCIL ELECTION HAS DIRECT IMPACT on YOUR district, as well, as the Councilmembers vote on ordinances, fees, hikes, service reductions & city asset sell-offs that affect you, too. Please contact the campaigns of David Barron (in CD 6 vs Cardenas) — and the campaigns of Althea Shaw & Austin Dragon (in CD 10 vs Wesson). 


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