[Pictured: Gonna turn this against L.A. City Hall come March. TV commercials airing on TIME WARNER, TODAY in Wesson’s CD 10. MORE to come. I’M GONNA F*CKING CRUSH THE CITY! YOU HAVEN’T EVEN GOTTEN TO KNOW ME YET, ZINE!] 
Wow, just when you think the just plain dumb, buffoon Dennis “P” Zine (Aka: Super Zine…Aka; Super Schmuck) can be any more WRONG or befuddled, he sure did just cost the city more money, along with the chronically-annoying, cackling hyena, subject of FOX NEWS investigations into her gang money….JANICE HAHN at yesterday’s L.A. City Council meeting as they banned Zuma Dogg from delivering free speech, public comment for 30 days. 
It all started when Dennis Zine somehow had the insane notion that he had the brain-power to run an L.A. City Council meeting, in the first place. And I must remind you, just cause Dennis is very big, doesn’t mean is isn’t very dumb. You can’t expect someone of his character, up-bringing and intelligence to be able to keep up with a lot of this top level stuff that is flying back and forth. I don’t even think Dennis knew where he was, yesterday.
He needed breast reduction surgery for those bags under his eyes. I’ve never seen his face look like it has taken such a beating? I wonder what he was doing the night before?
Cause he was in no shape to be running a council meeting. 
The first part that will be applied to the FEDERAL LAWSUIT that the city already LOST, is when Dummy-Dennis called gadfly Wayne Spinder “off topic” when he was discussing the Farmer’s Market. ONLY PROBLEM, DUMMY-DENNIS… IT WAS GENERAL PUBLIC COMMENT! No problem, Wayne replied with, “It’s public comment.” Dennis, STILL had to be vindictive, combative, but mostly WRONG and told Wayne, ONCE AGAIN to, “bring it back on topic.”

Again, Dumb-Dennis…it was GENERAL PUBLIC COMMENT. Now it’s Zuma Dogg’s turn. It was Item 12 (Rent Escrow/REAP). 


A topic I have discussed hundreds of times over the past four, nearly five years as a gadfly at city hall. Herb Wesson happens to be Chair of the Housing Committee. A committee in which “conflict of allegations” were discussed in Herb’s committee meeting, that applied to this matter. So as Zuma Dogg says, “I want EVERYONE to know, Herb Wesson is housing chair..,” Dumb-Dennis interrupts Zuma Dogg (who is currently in settlement talks with the city over this exact matter of interrupting the prophetic living legend) to say, “Please address council as whole.” (Implying that he felt ZD was speaking to Wesson, directly.” To Dumb-Dennis…the use of words like, “HE” and “I want EVERYONE to know,” is the indication that ZD IS addressing the council as a whole. And I told you that as you trampled over my rights. But you persisted like the big, bald, buffoon that you are…so I told you as such, spitting back, “I AM addressing council as a whole you big-bald, buffoon. Dummy-Dennis kicked me out for the meeting.

But then, Honker-nose Hahn, who STILL refuses to speak through her mouth, preferring to honk out words through her nose, while wearing the ugliest, cheapest-looking red lipstick I have ever seen (except for on a cheap hooker) stands up to recommend ZD’s banning for another 30 days. 
So I left chambers and was waiting in the corridor hallway, outside of chambers, when along comes Caveman Johnson of General Services (not LAPD) but the city hall police. He tells me I have to leave the building. Now HE may suffer from having a monkey brain for brains, but ZD ain’t the one, son. I told the bitch-ass with a baton that I was ejected from the meeting, but can still be in city hall. 
Monkey-brain, Caveman Johnson tells me I am still making noise and have to leave. I was standing alone, not making a sound at the time, and responded to the punk-ass, bitch security asshole in a quiet voice, on top of it. 
So I am QUITE, certain, with 100% certainty that THAT ONE will be crashing down on that fat-lazy cops head. As the city attorney’s office will be reviewing the tape. And I will be raising the amount of money I am willing to accept as a settlement by $50,000 ($25,000 per incident, yesterday.) AND, what’s WORSE for the city…is now, ZD is much more pissed off and MUCH MORE wanting to go ALL THE WAY and have a judge COMPLETELY CRUSH CITY HALL to rubble, which is WHAT WILL HAPPEN if this goes to the next step. And that step is taken the first week of January. 

I GOT YOU FUCKERS…and you JUST HAVE TO REALIZE, I may have worn a cap and glasses and sang and danced and been fun and funny, but Zuma Dogg ain’t no joke, chumps…and when you’re dealing with caveman, monkey-brains like Zine & Johnson…that’s really no match for the legalese mind of Zuma Dogg. Zine, like Shania Twain once said, “You don’t impress me much.” AND REMEMBER, ALL OF YOU CHUMP ASS CITY HALL ELECTED OFFICIALS, NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE…PEOPLE LIKE ME MORE THAN THEY LIKE YOU. You ain’t nothing but a bunch of desperate, greedy, money whores and as Robert Dinero once said, “YOU BLEW IT!” I was right. You were wrong. And I showed up for nearly five years to warn you. So get over the fact you got your ASS KICKED for five years by Zuma Dogg AND DON’T YOU DARE EVER VIOLATE MY RIGHTS YOU LOUSY, PUNK-ASS BITCHES. YOU’RE NOTHING! NOTHING BUT GREEDY, SELFISH, PUNKS! ZINE, JOHNSON AND THE REST OF YOU WHO TRY TO GET IN MY WAY. Maybe you didn’t know who or what the fuck you were dealing with. Now, you’re gonna learn the lesson out of the general fund. HAPPY HOLIDAYS, LOSERS!

I’LL BE BACK JANUARY 14, 2011 TO LAY THE NEXT TRAP, SUCKERS!  Now go have Jimmy Blackman call for some hookers!


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