Zuma Dogg’s Portrayal of L.A. City in 2011 & L.A. City News for Thursday, December 2, 2010

[Picutred: Takin’ it to the next level, Jan 2011 and “Takin’ It To The Streets,” like Michael McDonald, er-ryday, y’all!]

  • L.A. CITY 2011: Can a three legged table stand on two legs, then one and a half legs? 

  • 2011 NEXT LEVEL PREVIEW: Imagine something like THIS on L.A. cable TV: http://ow.ly/3j9cQ 

  • 2011: Just when you thought Zuma Dogg couldn’t bring any more pain to L.A.City Hall/City Council, he takes it to the next level in Jan. đŸ˜‰ 

  • 2011: City of L.A. has ONE LESS THING to worry about as Matt Dowd moves to N Zealand & ZumaDogg moves to Ventura after city finally settles. 

  • L.A. 2011: Whatever city departments are still left, will be cut even further and be even more dysfunctional and less operational than ’10. 

  • LAUSD 2011: 60 kids per class, bathrooms not cleaned to standard, trash not removed, no books, programs eliminated, downward spiral. UNSAFE! 

  • 2011: DWP rates will skyrocket so much, to pay for green/solar non-sense, people and businesses will be forced to move out of L.A. City. 

  • 2011: Get ready for 1000s of firings & massive department closures/throwing city under bus, cause Villar is LIABLE if city goes bankrupt. 

  • WHY VILLAR NEEDS TO BE REMOVED: Responsible thing to do is bankruptcy. He will NEVER allow, cause he’s liable. Will shut down city, first. 

  • A BABY LAUSD SUPERINTENDENT: After disastrous Inspector General construction $ report, crybaby whines about media leak. WHAT ABOUT REPORT!? 

  • BUDGET PONTIFICATORS can boast all the empty rhetoric they want. Firing 1000’s and closing departments is WHAT WILL happen=city solution. 

  • First leg of California high-speed rail project chosen, Critics call it a ‘train to nowhere’ http://lat.ms/ghRehC(Shh! A chance to spend $) 

  • ALTHOUGH ONLY FIRST YEAR OF THE DECADE: “Shmuck of the Decade” Award goes to Walter Moore in a landslide. (Too late for anyone to catch up.) 

  • If ZD is in crossing on “WALK” light, and am able to kick a dent in the side of your taco truck, you must have been a little too close, now. 

  • ZD KICKED A DENT IN YOUR TRUCK: As ZD crosses street on “walk” sign, lady in taco truck makes speeding right on red without looking, right. 

  • 2011=The Year of Zuma Dogg…the city is watching, and waiting! 

  • LA WEEKLY SLAMS LAZY, SHADY, DEGENERATE COUNCILMAN JOSE HUIZAR in this story about the next Councilman, RUDY MARTINEZ: http://ow.ly/3j3pA 

  • KABC’s PETER TILDEN=WORLD’S LAZIEST TALK RADIO SHOW HOST All he does is watch national cable news (FOX) and regurgitate. LOCAL ISSUES, PETE! 

  • Does anyone really need to tune into KABC radio’s LOCAL morning show, when all they talk about is Wikileak and TSA screener gloves? DUMB! 

  • Just feel like saying that, “Uber-loser Walter Moore is a moron of a dickwad,” for no reason at all. A clown, a racist & RK hates you! 
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