Los Angeles City News RADIO for Tuesday, November 09, 2010 – Economic WARNING Issued For City of Los Angeles and BAD NEWS Update for L.A. City Regarding Attorney Stepping Into Venice Lawsuit Matter….MAYDAY….MAYDAY…the City’s going down….

[PICTURED: Waiting around to be wrong about something as a gadfly. Hasn’t happened yet and the years are movin’ along. City of L.A. learning the hard (that means “expensive”) way.]

First of all, a reminder from L.A.’s economic prophet (pictured to your right)…over next two months, expect the NEXT LEVEL of MUCH MORE SEVERE ECONOMIC PAIN AND EVEN TOUGHER REAL DECISIONS (cuts) to be made during the Los Angeles City Council meetings. Unfortunately, it’s hard to imagine quite how bad it is going to be, around here, since it will be something the city has never experienced before…EVER! (Bad…REALLY bad…MUCH BADDER than you are thinking. Think “Mad Max.”)

AND, new radio show streaming for Tuesday, November 9, 2010 at http://LACityNews.com.

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