Los Angeles City News for Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2010 – NEW Zuma Dogg PUBLIC COMMENT AUDIO & City Council Update (Expect MASSIVE Municipal Pain, Over Next 2 Months as, "City Has Some Tough Choices To Make" – YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!!!)

Pictured: (11.02.10) The “Bad Boys” of LA City News and LA City Council Chambers (Left: LA City News Publisher/Writer, Dave Elliott; Right: Speaker, Pitbull in China Shop, Zuma Dogg) 

ZUMA DOGG PUBLIC COMMENT from today’s 11/02/10 Council Meeting (Plus some from last meeting at the end of the first two new comments.)
Today, the Los Angeles CAO department was at the council meeting to talk about the budgetary crisis. ZD had to leave and will watch it on the TV 35 playback, tonight, but I spoke with insiders in the office and said, “should i STILL be going with the ‘headed for bankruptcy’ — all hell breaks loose, worst ever scenario…or have things improved…maybe not as bad as I’m saying…” 
CAO insider says, “no, no…you’re still on message…it’s REAL BAD (can’t contain nervous smile)…

I ask, how long until we feel next wave of PAIN? They said, In the next 2 months.” 

I asked, “What? More library closings…or maybe even some OTHER things (tongue in cheek).”
They said, ‘gonna be a lot of tough choices.”
 MEANWHILE: Ron Kaye says he was kicking and screaming at the TV today, during the discussion…so he has finally caught up with Zuma Dogg on that department. (Luckily, I keep finding new (used) TVs on the street alleys of Venice to replace the old ones.) 
BUT, the point was to let you know…if Ron’s at point of screaming back at the TV…it couldn’t have been a very satisfactory discussion at Council today regarding budgetary matters.

1st AMENDMENT in COUNCIL CHAMBERS UPDATE: For the second meeting in a row, Zuma Dogg spoke for entire two minutes at a time (the length of the public comment time, per item) WITHOUT BEING INTERRUPTED! As you know, not only is Dowd/Dogg waiting for the Federal Judge to eventually rule on the “Code of Conduct” portion of the lawsuit, which he already placed an injunction on a part of (over the Venice Beach portion); so perhaps they see which way this Federal wind is blowing — and are simply choosing to begin conducting the meetings in the true spirit of the 1st Amendment of the U.S Constitution. 
FEELS GOOD..and I know it’s a little bit uncomfortable for Garcetti or Zine to have ZD blasting stuff like talk of the Bloomberg news article on FBI investigations into L.A. City affordable housing projects…but that’s what the small “d” democratic process is about. 
So ZD isn’t gonna take advantage of it, and start to try and push it by yelling a little louder — or try to take a little more liberties with the “on topic” rule. (Because I know once I start doing that, they WILL have to sit up and interrupt.) So hopefully, we’ve struck the right balance as allowed by their code of conduct (cause ZD wants to go MUCH further than council allows…FOR NOW)…BUT, it’s MORE UNCOMFORTABLE than Council would prefer. 

NEW VIDEO from http://VeniceBeachPress.com. Zuma Dogg captured at Venice Beach NC Committee Meeting — IN HIS MOST EXPLOSIVE PUBLIC COMMENT, EVER! (YIKES!) Part of this was posted, last week. But this contains the cops comments that triggered ZD’s rant…and this captures the whole rant in SUPER Hi-Def.
The HEAT of L.A. News & Politics

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