BREAKING NEWS: Los Angeles Housing Department "Director of Compliance & Code Enforcement" (OVER REAP) — LEAVING THE DEPARTMENT AND LEAVING THE CITY!

[Pictured: This document says a lot to ZD. Mercedes Marquez & Hakha Mortezaie — in charge of REAP Rent Adustments Appeal Hearing? ZD DOESN’T PLAY THAT! Hakha reports to ROBERTO ALDAPE. GET IT!]

For the past month, you have been reading on this blog about the conflict of interest and corruption allegation within the Los Angeles Housing Department (LAHD). Of specific interest was the RENT ESCROW ACCOUNT PROGRAM (REAP). AND, what SEEMS to be the FACT, that once you are placed on REAP rent reduction program, you allegedly do not get your money back from the city and are not removed from the rent reduction program.

The conflict of interest allegations were discussed at a July 21, 2010 Los Angeles City Council meeting and the allegations were followed up over the past month by Zuma Dogg; after being sent a detailed memo from within the LAHD by workers who were scared to speak out about the corruption because upper management at LAHD is “vicious” as it was stated to ZD.
So between hardcore corruption allegations at LAHD, as described in the memo as being at the hands of Roberto Aldape which is hurting BOTH property owners AND tenants — ALONG with the turmoil that has all but shut down the department in a hostile and “vicious” environment — 
ZUMA DOGG felt moved to come off a long hiatus to NIP this activity (though no longer just a bud) — and waves WERE felt within the department.
Yesterday, LA City News reported there was turmoil and a lot of scurrying at the TOP of LAHD, YESTERDAY — AND TODAY, LA CITY NEWS has learned that HAKHA MORTEZAIE, Director of Compliance & Director of Enforcement — WILL BE LEAVING THE OFFICE AND THE CITY TO TAKE A POSITION ELSEWHERE — OUTSIDE THE CITY. (Who cares where…it’s out of ZD’s jurisdiction…but if you are REALLY curious…all you have to do is cross the street and you are IN the City he will be working for — as of November. (NEXT WEEK?) Hakha was under Mercedes Marquez, who was forced out by a plaintiff with $40 million lawsuit against the city. The plaintiff agreed to drop the lawsuit if Marquez was ejected from LAHD. So she was shipped off to the White House to absorb the mess. Under Marquez is LAHD Asst GM Roberto Aldape, who has been the one blogged about regarding the REAP corruption allegations. And now Hakha, part of REAP compliance and enforcement UNDER ALDAPE — IS BUGGIN’ OUT OF THE CITY!
Maybe this has NOTHING to do with any of the blogging and comments on TV 35…but suddenly you have to person in charge of overseeing REAP and CODE ENFORCEMENT and COMPLIANCE — leaving — just as the heat is seriously turned up on the department…AND YOU KNOW THAT IT HAS.

ALSO: Just as LAHD Asst GM Roberto Aldape has HIS OWN REAP Outreach Contractor he is affiliated with (L.A. Housing Law Project, of which Aldape is listed as contact person — along with his own private law practice) — HAKHA MORTEZAIE (in charge of compliance and enforcement at REAP) has his own Outreach Contractor affiliation, LACLJ (, of which he is listed as, “Executive Director.” (And the conflict allegations are that outreach contractors are suing property owners after going out on inspection jobs for the city in their outreach contractor role.  (WONDER HOW MUCH MONEY HAS BEEN PAID TO LACLJ?) Here he is at an LACLJ event (in the orange shirt):

From Maria Aguila is the Housing Outreach Coordinator. Maria works directly with tenants, landlords, and Los Angeles Housing Department inspectors to encourage the maintenance and repair of residential buildings. She also informs tenants of their rights at LACLJ’s Eastside Housing Rights Clinic. Maria has over 20 years of community outreach experience. Maria is fluent in Spanish.

So, YES…rack up another on for ZD when it comes to the POWER SHIFT AT CITY HALL AWAY FROM CITY HALL AND TOWARD ZUMA DOGG! Cause he also has City Attorney’s Office & LAPD tied up over assessing the Federal Court Order AGAINST THEM filed by Dowd/Dogg.
AND, it should be noted to those concerned with the city’s treasury that Eric Garcetti told Matt Dowd to go ahead and get attorneys (12 in total) because the city has already budgeted for attorneys to fight lawsuits — and that council is USED to Dowd/Dogg in chambers during public comment as blasted on TV. 
AS U CAN SEE…the SAME arrogance that got them into this mess…is continuing, cause Eric Garcetti is simply too competitive and combative for the city’s own good. Unfortunately, he IS a Rhodes Scholar, so perhaps he’s good with numbers, but again…I am here to say, his personal, combative, vindictive nature is SERIOUSLY an issue you must consider before EVER VOTING to put HIM in charge of L.A. as mayor. 
AND IT’S TRUE…I guess council IS used to stuff like having the LAHD Director of Compliance & Operation Enforcement LEAVING THE CITY over ZD’s blogging and TV 35 heat — BEATING YOU IN FEDERAL COURT — AND EXPOSING IT ON TV 35…AND THE COUNCIL PENSION/SALARY DOUBLE DIPS and everything else that will be HAMMERED upon City Hall.
Hey Antonio…did you hear what Garcetti just said to Dowd to keep your name in Zuma Dogg’s mouth?

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