FIRST VIDEO: Zuma Dogg Performing with AMPLIFIED SOUND @ Venice Beach Boardwalk — Without A Permit or Lottery Space Assignment

BREAKING: Matt Dowd & Zuma Dogg Return to Venice Beach Boardwalk to Announce FEDERAL COURT ORDERED INJUNCTION on the City of Los Angeles’ ILLEGAL ban on amplification along the boardwalk; injunction of PAID permit system; and unconstitutional lottery system. In other words, you do not have to pay, or set an appointment a week in advance to AMPLIFY your FREE SPEECH MESSAGE! (You’re Welcome, America…FREE SPEECH, now FREE, once again in the City of Los Angeles. Here’s video of Zuma Dogg announcing the FEDERAL COURT ORDER to the general public at Venice Beach and performs a stellar acapella rendition of “I Will Always Love You,” in the style of Whitney Houston. EVERYONE FEELS FOUR AND A HALF YEARS, YOUNGER! (Fourth best return to the concert scene since Eagles, KISS and Stone Temple Pilots! ZD/Dowd, back at Venice Beach=#4! (Here’s a test run!)

After confirming with LAPD Sgt Reina that L.A. City Attorney has instructed the force, to NOT ENFORCE any lottery space issues, HERE IS A TEST RUN. THE LOTTERY FROM TUESDAY OF THIS WEEK IS NO LONGER IN EFFECT — AND THERE WILL BE NO FUTURE LOTTERIES! (Thanks to Sgt Reina for confirming for ZD.)

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