Zuma Dogg – Los Angeles City News Update:

Haven’t posted here in a while, because have been focusing on Los Angeles City Hall and doing a lot of news, politics and activism blogging at http://LACityNews.com. The blog is experiencing record level of views per day, driven by some explosive City Hall, political exclusives, not be covered elsewhere in the media. And the new 1st Amendment, Free Speech CRACKDOWN (censorship) issue @ L.A. City Hall — where Zuma Dogg and his fellow gadfly, Matt Dowd are being interrupted, called off topic and mic turned down for comments most feel are VERY on topic, yet HIGHLY UNCOMFORTABLE for elected officials to have to sit through to endure. More on the FEDERAL ISSUE (because Dowd/Dogg have a current FEDERAL lawsuit vs L.A. City for 1st Amendment violations and a ruling is expected, hopefully, someday soon.

So bookmark http://LACityNews.com and take a look at the site and watch some videos. And see the links on this blog for all other Zuma Dogg related media.


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