Los Angeles CAO Miguel Santana Says City’s Spending is Running $63 Million More Than Expected (NOT THAT THEY HAVE IT, ANYWAY.)

[Pictured: L.A. City CAO asks budget advice from city’s top expert besides Bernard Parks or Mike Hernandez.]

After nearly five years of watching the city refuse to put on spending brakes, it’s amazing that even today, the CAO is saying City Hall is still spending beyond the City’s means. There are a lot of things that come to mind YOU can probably think of cutting. Maybe  you should show up at city hall to let them know this isn’t the type of daily news you want to read in Daily News:

Official: City’s spending running over by $63M
By Rick Orlov, Staff Writer
Posted: 10/15/2010
In the first financial status report of the new fiscal year, City Administrative Officer Miguel Santana warned that the city’s spending is running $63 million more than expected.

In a report to the City Council, Santana said the shortfalls can be covered by money in the city’s reserve and unappropriated balance accounts, but it shows fiscal discipline is still needed as the city faces a projected $318 million shortfall by June.

“The 2009-10 budget began a period of continuous budget adjustments marked by changes to the landscape of the city,” resulting in a series of austerity measures, including layoffs, furloughs and early retirements affecting 4,000 workers and elimination of some departments, Santana said.

Santana said this year’s budget began balanced, but the city is seeing problems with some agencies that have been overspending, partially because of delays in retirements and transfers.

Departments with the most serious overspending were Police, Fire, General Services, Information Technology, City Attorney and Transportation.

The city has seen a slight increase in property tax, gas users tax and hotel bed tax revenue, Santana said, which offsets some of the problem. 


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