Los Angeles City News Update for Thursday, October 14, 2010 (Is L.A. Getting It’s Own ‘Jon Stewart’ Rally and CIty Hall’s "Sibling Rivalry" with DWP over Pensions A Patch of QUICKSAND on City’s Recovery Path.

[Pictured: L.A. Resident (Aka: “The Plaintiff) trapped in graffiti-sidewalk “activist trap” in Eric Garcetti’s perfect district.]

Will Los Angeles get its own version of Jon Stewart’s rally? (SEE THIS INSPIRING POST!)

Los Angeles City News for Thursday, October 14, 2010

L.A. City Council BALKS at Change for DWP Pension Reform of NEW HIRES by VETOING DWP’s Plan. (Council Creates The Mess, Wants To Pile on MORE, then says, “NO” to Attempt To SAVE LOS ANGELES…IT’S OVER!!! THEY WILL NEVER AGREE ON A SOLUTION. GET OUT OF L.A., NOW!!! WARNING…MUY PELIGROSA!

F.B.I LAUNCHES INVESTIGATION INTO L.A. DEVELOPER’S “IMPROPER GIFTS” To Public Officials & Thousands In Campaign Contributions! (STATE INSPECTOR GENERAL LAURA CHICK, “Appalled, Just Learned Of The Investigation.” She DIDN’T HAVE A CLUE. OPEN YOUR EYES, LAURA!)

NOW STREAMING – 10/14/10: Zuma Dogg Audio Loop of Public Comments from most recent L.A. City Council meeting from 10/13/10.

AND BREAKING NEWS THROUGHOUT THE DAY & NIGHT in the LA City News Twitter Feed @ http://LACityNews.com.


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