Los Angeles City News for Thursday, October 14, 2010

  • IF YOU ARE READING THIS, it is most likely the 9AM hour. Thanks for making this blog the FIRST THING you start wasting time at work with!
  • JUST EMAIL YOUR MONEY: Casinos Push For Online Gambling in CA: Traveling to Vegas may be thing of past. (NO FREE DRINKS!) 14 minutes ago

NOW STREAMING: Zuma Dogg Public Comment Audio Loop from Wednesday’s Council Meeting: Janice Hahn & Jose Huizar take hits (Gonna be a LOOOOOONG, BUMPY campaign season for Huizar if ZD keeps showing up.)

  • THE COMMITTEE MEETING SMELLED LIKE BAD PINE AIR FRESHENER: LA council panel urges 5-year renewal of taxi franchise system http://ow.ly/2TjAH 23 minutes ago
  • NOT A RECOVERY SIGN: Record Foreclosures – More U.S. homes seized this summer than any 3 months since ’06 housing bust. http://bit.ly/bua52t 28 minutes ago
  • RT @myfoxla: Who’s in Charge of Education in CA?: No one seems to be happy with the state of education in California… http://bit.ly/dqVGVZ 33 minutes ago
  • DWP tries to suspend full pension for new hires due to city worker transfer pressure on pension plan, but Council VETOES! http://ow.ly/2Tjgt 34 minutes ago
  • WOULD YOU APPROVE A BILLION DOLLARS TO GIVE AEG to build a football stadium downtown? That’s what they WANT you to do for them. 42 minutes ago
  • L.A. will always have problems being competitive for convention business because long trip from airport & expensive hotels price city out. about an hour ago
  • Jose Huizar will have MUCH TOUGHER election in ’11. Not only does challenger have $200,000, already, Villar’s team ain’t what it used to be. about 2 hours ago
  • ZUMA DOGG calls for L.A. City Controller Wendy Greuel to have L.A. Housing Dept Asst GM account for SEVERAL MILLION unaccounted for dollars. about 13 hours ago
  • L.A. Activist Zuma Dogg exposes allegations of SEVERAL MILLION DOLLARS MISSING from L.A. Housing Dept on LIVE TV @ City Council meeting. about 13 hours ago
  • RT @latimes: Dow up 76, or 0.7%, to 11,096. S&P 500 up 8, or 0.7%, at 1,178. Nasdaq up 23, or 1%, at 2,441. http://lat.ms/a9XVuH about 13 hours ago
  • JOSE HUIZAR MUST GO! – RT @LANow: Businessman donates $150,000 to his campaign to unseat L.A. Councilman Jose Huizar http://lat.ms/cmZlcm about 17 hours ago
  • F.B.I LAUNCHES INVESTIGATION INTO L.A. DEVELOPER Who Made :”IMPROPER GIFTS” To Public Officials & Thousands In Campa… http://ow.ly/19qhxc 1 day ago
  • RE: FBI INVESTIGATION into LA developer who contributed gifts & campaign money to public officials. Here is the lobbyist. http://ow.ly/2SFrW 1 day ago
  • PT 2: Resident trapped in “black hole” of sidewalk cracks in Mayoral Candidate Eric Garcetti’s district. (UNSAFE!) http://twitpic.com/2x6vhv 1 day ago
  • PT 1: LA resident trapped beneath monster sidewalk crack in Councilman Eric Garcetti’s district. (Mayor Garcetti?) http://twitpic.com/2x6uvr 1 day ago 
  • People in OTHER 14 districts: When JANICE HAHN hijacks meeting w her mouth (talking about HERSELF) keeps YOUR CM/staff from getting to work. 11 minutes ago
  • NOT JUST TRYING TO POKE FUN: But Janice Hahn’s RUNAWAY MOUTH actually is an issue of waste & inefficiency grinding city business to a halt. 23 minutes ago
  • RT @cnni: Rapper talks man down from hotel roof http://bit.ly/aSdQnN (Do you mean he “rapped” him off roof top?) 26 minutes ago
  • Still a combative podium relationship: But City Attorney Dion DID go (a little) out of his way to ask how LACityNews.com reporter was doing. 27 minutes ago
  • LACityNews.com: Because market research showed people wanted a DRUDGE REPORT style site for NEWS about LA CITY; and the URL was available. 34 minutes ago
  • Christine O’Donnell Faced Off in Senate Debate: She was “enchanting.” Crowd was “spellbound.” Reminded crowd to “cast” spell, I mean vote. 49 minutes ago
  • CNN: ‘Underwear bomber’ to represent self http://bit.ly/d5KPWw (Remember to wear “briefs,” not boxers. (As in “legal” briefs…RIM SHOT!) 54 minutes ago
  • NYTIMES Politics. Linda McMahon lags among women voters; many put off by wrestling biz. (Voters SHOULD be MORE “put off” by political biz.) 56 minutes ago
  • DOES HE EVER SHOW UP?: Confused & frustrated Councilman Greig Smith (not even seeking re-election) seen on side of milk carton as “missing.” about an hour ago
  • MESSAGE TO MERCEDES MARQUEZ: Fix the mess you created with your Asst GM hire at LA Housing Dept and find somewhere else for him, ASAP! about an hour ago
  • NO SURPRISE posts on otherwise UNCOVERED issue of LA Housing Department CORRUPTION @ http://LACityNews.com are MOST VIEWED posts, per stats. about an hour ago

NEW POST – 10/14/10: L.A. City Council BALKS at Change for DWP Pension Reform of NEW HIRES by VETOING DWP’s Plan. (Council Creates The Mess, Wants To Pile on MORE, then says, “NO” to Attempt To SAVE LOS ANGELES…IT’S OVER!!! THEY WILL NEVER AGREE ON A SOLUTION. GET OUT OF L.A., NOW!!! WARNING…MUY PELIGROSA!


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