To: L.A. City Attorney & Controller – Word on the street is SEVERAL MILLION DOLLARS are UN-ACCOUNTED FOR out of L.A. Housing Department Account (THAT’S not good!!)

To: L.A. City Attorney & L.A. City Controller – Here is a copy of the memo prepared for U.S. President Barack Obama. Hoping he can send you some help in getting to the bottom of L.A. Housing Dept corruption allegations, since you’re short staffed these days and haven’t been able to gather any info on this issue.

To: U.S. President Barack Obama
Fr: The People of Los Angeles
Re: Several Millions of Un-Accounted Dollars from L.A. Housing Department Account
Dt: 10/11/10
Mr. President,
Perhaps you should have Mercedes Marquez call over to her Asst GM appointment in the Los Angeles Housing Department and see if he can find the SEVERAL MILLION DOLLARS that no one can seem to account for. 

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