L.A. City News Update for Wed. Oct. 6, 2010 – Zuma Dogg Returns to City Hall for Public Comment Over L.A. Housing Department Conflicts & Summary of LAUSD Annual Budget Talk (A Grim Outlook!) & "NO, NO, NO on 25!"

VIDEO: L.A. Legend Zuma Dogg delivers first public comment in 2010 to L.A.City Council over L.A. Housing Dept conflicts. http://ow.ly/2PDSf   (Link will pop-up video player to exact spot.) 
* LA CITY NEWS – MUSIC FEED: Need some nice background music? http://NetMusicStream.com now playing Lite Rock from 70’s & 80’s. Good mix. 35 minutes ago
* NOW STREAMING: PensionGate Insider & former Wetherly Consultant on Global Politics & Background of PensionGate. Originally aired Oct 2009. about 13 hours ago
* MORE GOOD DWP $ WELL SPENT NEWS: About 2,500 people without power in L.A. http://lat.ms/cOpNnZ (To go along with the water main break.)
* DWP INFRASTRUCTURE $’s PUT TO GOOD USE: Broken pipe causes water to flood several blocks of Topanga Canyon in Canoga. http://bit.ly/cXFLVQ about 14 hours ago
* LA Council votes “aye” to put measure on March ballot to preserve emergency funds from financial raid. http://ow.ly/2Pbuv (Not good sign.) about 14 hours ago
* LA TIMES: Residents OUTRAGED residents calling for recall campaign of DENNIS ZINE over MEGA-DEVELOPMENT space betray… http://ow.ly/19jf8H about 14 hours ago
* NEW YORK TIMES on LA TIMES: People who know LA Times head honcho Randy Michaels in radio won’t doubt any of the stories. http://ow.ly/2PaN3 about 14 hours ago
* LA TIMES: Residents OUTRAGED! Some calling for recall campaign of DENNIS ZINE over MEGA-DEVELOPMENT space betrayal . http://ow.ly/2Pa8N about 15 hours ago
* Los Angeles Housing Department CONFLICT OF INTEREST with RENT ESCROW CONTRACTORS Discussed at Today’s L.A. City Coun… http://ow.ly/19jcJb about 15 hours ago
* TO REPEAT URGENT MESSAGE: In California history, it has never been more critical to the immediate future of the state than a NO vote on 25. about 18 hours ago
* URGENT MESSAGE: Californians MUST VOTE NO on 25. Scariest ballot Prop in CA history. If it passes, MEGA-shady spending floodgates will open. about 18 hours ago
* Hope classrooms in new half a billion dollar LAUSD school are nice and big. Gonna need the space for 60 kid per class. An INEVITABLE future. about 18 hours ago
* THIS YEAR, LAUSD opened at half a billion dollar school with talking park benches and next year they won’t be able to keep classrooms clean. about 18 hours ago
* LAUSD CONUNDRUM: Trying to straighten-out already impossible budget mess, when you don’t even know what you will have from Sacramento, yet. about 18 hours ago
* I guess you NEED to extend LAUSD’s school year, because it’s four weeks into the year, and kids still don’t have needed books in Eagle Rock. about 18 hours ago
* LAUSD Superintendent Cortinez revealed a 50-60 kid per classroom budget option IS on the table. (Although LAST option, it’s inevitable.) about 18 hours ago
* LAUSD Superintendent Cortinez announced today, “there’s nothing left to cut. We’re talking, elimination’.” The bottom has truly fallen out. about 18 hours ago
* LAUSD UPDATE: At “secret” un-promoted/unknown 10am LAUSD annual budget meeting, a very grim future was outline. ELIMINATIONS, not cuts. about 19 hours ago
* RT @LANow: Coastal commissioner pays $1,000 fine for failing to report financial stake in project http://lat.ms/bBHl3w (Small price to pay.) about 19 hours ago
* GRIM news revealed at Mon’s LAUSD annual budget meeting. LA Schools Face $268M Budget Gap Next School Year http://bit.ly/aNrpQw about 19 hours ago
* RT @LosAngelesCP: California Democrats call for investigation into loan modification and foreclosure practices http://bit.ly/aTbF0d about 19 hours ago
* RT @LATimescitydesk: LA Unified teacher layoffs will no longer be based strictly on seniority: http://lat.ms/cwcygu about 19 hours ago
* RT @latimes: Facebook co-founder gives additional $50,000 to legalize marijuana in California http://lat.ms/cQ006d (Raises awareness, too.) about 19 hours ago
* LAUSD, ACLU Reach Agreement on Layoffs: Los Angeles school officials and the American Civil Liberties Union of Sou… http://bit.ly/9Q1Ze0 about 19 hours ago
* Los Angeles City News – Sunday Edition for October 3, 2010 (Like Drudge Report, but focusing on Los Angeles…NOW, w… http://ow.ly/19gykv 3 days ago
* CA cities skirt/ignore laws requiring them to build affordable homes & in process mismanaged $100s of millions of dollars http://ow.ly/2NAkU 3 days ago
* “Unfortunately, the economic survival of the U.S. is dependent upon selling weapons of destruction to our enemies.” – PensionGate Insider 3 days ago
* MEGA-TWEET on CRA Housing Scams in L.A. (“How the [SHADY] Deal is Done”): 2 blog posts in 1 tweet from 8/07 & 9/07) –http://ow.ly/2NzTz 3 days ago
* SCHWARZENEGGER SIGNS PENSION REFORM ON PLACEMENT AGENTS: Read Andrew Cuomo Report on HOW Placement Agents Scammed public. http://ow.ly/2NzDq 3 days ago
* L.A. CITY NEWS EXCLUSIVE: 5 page memo from L.A. Housing Dept employees on conflict of interest. Circulating @ City Hall. http://ow.ly/2NzzJ 3 days ago

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