Los Angeles News Update for Friday, October 1, 2010

JANUARY 27, 2011 UPDATE: This blog post is not the link you are looking for, anymore. Here is the PENSIONGATE link to Matter of Andrew Cuomo vs Wetherly Capital blog post.

And go to http://LACityNews.com for all new recent update. This blog is the side-blog.  (Refresh to top of this blog for new re-posts of ZD’s TOP, HARDEST-HITTING issue to be investigated  on CRA/non-profits/affordable housing, et al.)



COMEDY RELIEF: “I don’t need a lecture from a LIBERAL on housekeepers.” – Mark Levin to Gloria Allred. (Gloria’s MOUTH is comedy relief.) about 4 hours ago

IF PROP 25 PASSES with current crop of Sacramento leaders…GET OUT OF THE STATE, ASAP! CA will fall IMMEDIATELY into TOILET! “NO on 25!” about 4 hours ago

BREAKING PENSIONGATE NEWS (Re: Placement Agents): Schwarzenegger signs pension fund transparency bill, prompted by a… http://ow.ly/19fx6t about 4 hours ago

NOW THAT SCHWARZENEGGER SIGNS PENSION REFORM ON PLACEMENT AGENTS, Read, Andrew Cuomo And the Matter of Wetherly Capital – http://tl.gd/69r9g about 5 hours ago

LINKS: http://LACleanSweep.com, http://BARRON4cc.com/site, http://WalterMooreSays.blogspot.com, http://ZumaDogg.org, http://LACityNews.com about 5 hours ago

4 people show up at Van Nuys City Hall for first Council meeting in the Valley in over a year. Why have them there if 4 people show up? about 8 hours ago

CALIFORNIA MARIJUANA BREAKING NEWS!!!: Schwarzenegger Signs Bill Decriminalizing Marijuana…Despite Opposing Prop 19 – http://ow.ly/2N4DO about 8 hours ago

At what point does Gloria Allred get hint from U.S and give it up? She is COMPLETELY, 100% D-O-N-E 4 LIFE! More crash & burn this morning. about 8 hours ago

THURSDAY NEWS RE-CAP: GLORIA ALLRED’s career self-imploded in media. Became parody of her former self. Will never be more than joke, again. about 17 hours ago

When asked on Mark Levin radio show what Meg did wrong, “Made Nikki drive car w/out miles paid,” was answer Gloria Allred kept repeating. ? about 17 hours ago

When Mark Levin asked GLORIA ALLRED what complaint against MEG is about, said, “reimbursement of miles driven” (of non-doc worker). GA=OVER! about 17 hours ago

LACityNews.com: Back will LIVE audio stream in AM. Until then, when you open http://LACityNews.com, previous audio streams continuously. about 18 hours ago

BREAKING: Schwarzenegger signs pension fund transparency bill, prompted by a scandal involving CalPERS. http://ow.ly/2MLci about 19 hours ago

If you had http://LACityNews.com pulled up in your browser today, you would have heard FULL Allred, Whitman & Greuel Press Conferences LIVE. about 20 hours ago

AEG CEO LEWIKIE: LA Live complex & nearby Staples Center operator says he’s still working on getting an NFL team downtown. http://ow.ly/2MJ1W about 21 hours ago

latimes: Schwarzenegger signs bills on kindergarten age, health insurance; vetoes 2 bills related to Bell scandal. More soon… about 21 hours ago

L.A. City News Wire WIDGET – http://t.wbx.me/9hhal about 21 hours ago

NEW – LA CITY NEWS “MEGA-TWEET”: 24 hour recap of all tweets in ONE tweet. Perfect to RT. (Today’s “Mega-Tweet” (cont) http://tl.gd/69g3q5 about 22 hours ago

RT @KFINEWS: Governor Schwarzenegger signs off on health care reform: http://bit.ly/cGne8j about 22 hours ago

Although Jerry Brown was not HURT by today’s Allred/Whitman battle, he LOST in sense that Meg won in media & probably picked up undecideds. about 23 hours ago

NOT EXACTLY SIGN OF ECONOMIC RECOVERY: 30,000 expected at L.A. Convention Center for 5 -day event on home loan restructures. Not a job fair. about 23 hours ago

30,000 people expected @ LA Convention Center 5-day event to restructure home loans @ lower rates. (At least ConCenter used for SOMETHING!) about 23 hours ago

WOULD YOU APPROVE $10 MILLION CITY DOLLARS to save one life? L.A. City Controller says if Red Light cam program saves one, it’s worth it. 1 day ago

abc7: The state budget crisis is holding up funds for community colleges and student grants. http://bit.ly/bsHcwN (Sac-Town playing w you.) 1 day ago

“I know that Dennis & Wendy are committed to making sure every public $ is spent as efficiently as possible.” – Chief Beck (Starting WHEN?) 1 day ago

IS red light camera vendor City released audit on, an Arizona-based companies that conflicts w council’s ban? Bad audit means NEW vendor? 1 day ago

CM Zine announces city’s red light camera vendor (council was suspicious of in first place) is now in receivership. Expect a new vendor.


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