Zuma Dogg Weighs-in with CRITICALLY IMPORTANT Information YOU NEED TO KNOW, Regarding LAUSD Teacher MERIT PAY (VITAL INFO!)

[Pictured: All the LAUSD students who would BENEFIT by having their teachers on a “merit pay” system. Aka: Dumbest and wrongest idea on planet.]

  • WHY would you want to HUMILIATE yourself so publicly as you do EVERY TIME YOU SAY MERIT PAY FOR TEACHERS is “GOOD” idea? You are 100% WRONG! 11 minutes ago via HootSuite
  • THERE IS NOTHING MORE DANGEROUS to kids than an ignorant, tragically misguided, flat out wrong idiot. And if support merit pay, you ARE one! 29 minutes ago via HootSuite
  • How I know you have never studied quality management & have NO FUCKING IDEA how to fix LAUSD: You say, “merit pay for teachers,” would HELP! 32 minutes ago via HootSuite
  • Out of everything I have ever said my entire life, there is nothing I am more emphatically certain of: MERIT PAY FOR TEACHERS IS WRONG IDEA. about 2 hours ago via HootSuite
  • WHAT KIND OF BRAIN-DEAD, LAZY, UN-IMAGINATIVE, REFUSE-TO-THINK IDIOT feels MERIT PAY is a good idea for teachers? YOU ARE TRAGICALLY DUMB. about 2 hours ago via HootSuite
  • I know when @ZumaDogg says merit pay for teachers is BEYOND a bad a idea and most destructive thing you can do, you wonder why I think that. about 2 hours ago via HootSuite
  • A PLAIN & SIMPLE DEFINING ISSUE: If someone is PRO-merit pay for teachers, they are an ignorant idiot who chooses not to use brain. SORRY! about 2 hours ago via HootSuite
  • HOW YOU KNOW THE PERSON YOU ARE LISTENING TO IS A COMPLETE IGNORANT IDIOT WHO KNOWS NOTHING!: They think merit pay HELPS, rather than hurts. about 2 hours ago via HootSuite
  • TEACHER MERIT PAY?: If someone says the are FOR merit pay, TELL THEM THEY ARE IGNORANT IDIOT WHO IS COMPLETELY, 100% AS WRONG as possible. about 2 hours ago via HootSuite

O.K., so now if you wonder WHY ZUMA DOGG has NEVER been MORE CERTAIN of ANYTHING in this world, see Point 12a of this highly acclaimed international article on management of quality and productivity from one of the world’s top experts in the field: (The author even makes a point to mention “merit pay is the toughest pill to swallow. That’s why you non-enlightened and ignorant, lazy, non-creative thinkers are having a tough time grasping this immutable principal of human nature. (AND YOU ARE DEALING WITH HUMANS!)

If you need further explanation, the author of the article linked to above is available to consult your group or organization. Send an email to ZumaDogg@Gmail.com or call the number on the top of this blog to set up a phone consultation. (But only if you care about kids and the future of this city…cause if you are going down the “merit pay” route, you are on the wrong path.)

SUNDAY 4PM UPDATE: Here are some more specific reasons why merit pay is bad, besides just saying it’s bad. Again, more if you read article linked to above. But here is what comes out if it.

  1. There is MORE than a HUGE difference between teaching a class to educate students properly (whatever that is), & teaching to get merit pay.

  2. QUICKEST way to punish good teachers taking pride & joy in their job is to ruin it w merit pay. GOAL BECOMES TO ACHIEVE SCORE ON MERIT TEST.

  3. Talk about a situation where you will have the rest of the pack trying to pull another teacher/class down, just reward someone w merit pay.

  4. What do you think would happen to rock band if lead singer was suddenly paid more than the guitarist/songwriter, cause singer gets on cover? (Either lead singer becomes impossible to deal with, or leaves the band and rest of band is demoralized.)

  5. OOPS, the teacher we skipped over for merit pay, really WAS doing a good job. But is now leaving the system cause upset over no merit pay.

  6. OOPS, the teacher we just rewarded is BACK DOWN in results this year? WHAT HAPPENED? NO MERIT PAY! (NOW dejected over shaky methodology.)

  7. HOW DIVISIVE MERIT PAY IS: ALRIGHT! I get merit pay. Better not help new teachers who can benefit by my experience. Their low-end helps ME!

  8. HOW UNFAIR TO KIDS W TEACHERS WHO DON’T GET MERIT PAY: Well, I didn’t get merit pay and see I NEVER will. Time to kick the heels up on desk.

  9. You are always going to have a top, middle & bottom end in ANY RANKING of teachers. If they are bad at teaching, is merit pay going to help?

  10. PLEASE EXPLAIN: Why would you offer a teacher extra money to do a better job? Are they holding back, on purpose, waiting for merit pay?

  11. Only criteria LAUSD merit pay should be upon is which teacher helped STUDENTS IN OTHER CLASSES MOST. But, THAT doesn’t happen w merit pay.

  12. 1 THING FOR SURE regarding LAUSD. Time to change the batter on AJ Duffy. What makes you think he can do a thing? Was he NOT trying, before?

  13. LA TIMES on LAUSD: Sad for teachers listed in database. SERIOUSLY! Methodology is SO flawed, but blog space to explain limited to infinity.

9PM UNRELATED NOTE (but didn’t want to create entire thread.) Lisa Hernandez “had the day off” of her Sunday morning ABC 7 co-anchor duties, leaving that dude to read all the stories.
DO NOT EVER GIVE HER THE DAY OFF…I DON’T CARE WHAT THE REASON! THEN, to make matters WORSE, I couldn’t find a good head shot of her to stare at on the internet to fill the void, so I snapped THIS pic off a YouTube video…

BUT here’s the way it looks to Zuma Dogg, in his mind, when she’s talking:

I’ve met a lot of the news anchors and reporters from all the different stations. I feel sorry for Lisa that she hasn’t met me, yet. But she IS only weekends. I gotta draw the line, SOMEWHERE!


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