Los Angeles City Councilman TONY CARDENAS is SO FUCKED Over The City Money He Gave His Sister’s "Business" (AND SO ARE ALL CM’S WHO VOTED FOR IT!)

[PICTURED: An upstanding community member and an “above-board,” “uncompromising” L.A. City elected official. It’s ALL above board; nothing illegal has been done; and there has been no misuse of public trust or funds.]

First of all, Tony Cardenas is FUCKED! Previously, he enjoyed protection from this type of corruption, but I think those days are O-VER! (I’ve been told by community members that the FBI has been asking questions of community members in CARDENAS’ district. (YES, about TONY!) This should stoke the fire…WALTER MOORE’S post on where some of the city’s money went. AND I’D LIKE TO REMIND INCUMBENT COUNCILMEMBERS….UP FOR RE-ELECTION…WHO VOTED YES ON ALL OF CARDENAS’ “ORGANIZED CRIME RING STYLE” TACTICS…

START LOOKING FOR WORK, A-HOLES! (A yes vote is the same as a ride on Cardenas’ low-rider gravy train to Guadalajara.) Guess it’s not so easy to say, “no” to Tony as L.A. Councilmember. In New York, you’re scared to say “no” to TONY SOPRANO. In L.A., people are scared to say, “no” to TONY CARDENAS. (Capishe!)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Los Angeles Is Bell On Steroids: Cardenas Case Study

[Pictured: Even if you are a rider and lover of low-riders (not to mention the chick in the pic), perhaps this is not how you think the city’s money should be spent. Every dollar spent here, is a dollar away from your parks, libraries & street repairs (along with everything else. AND OH YEAH, it was out of the country…so you or your family couldn’t enjoy of benefit by the event yourself, unless you took a road trip to Guadalajara…SERIOUSLY! KEEP READING…)

You want to know the difference between Bell’s politicians and L.A.’s politicians? Bell’s politicians made the rookie mistake of writing their own name after “pay to the order of.”

Who does that? The expression is “money under the table,” not “over the table.” Writing checks to yourself is so farm league.

City Councilman Tony Cardenas knows better than to write checks to himself. When he spends contributors’ and taxpayers’ money, he has the good sense to have the checks made out to . . . his sister’s book store.

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