Zuma Dogg POLITICAL News Update (& Smart Ass Commentary!) Give The People What They Want…Latest From The Greatest!

  1. RT@LosAngeles: Google TV plan is causing jitters in Hollywood. (Your current stable of Hollywood writers SHOULD be what’s giving it to you.)

  2. Eli Broad says his art museum “absolutely” coming to Downtown LA. Santa Monica loses out. (No, Eli, the deals YOU get, think LA loses out!)

  3. City of Bell lent employees, elected officials nearly $900,000. (Because they JUST couldn’t squeak by on $800,000+ a year!)

  4. RT@LATimesgreen: Toxic levels of oil found in gulf area crucial to fish http://goo.gl/fb/ehvrH (REALLY? WHY? Any unusual event, recently?)

  5. RT@latimes: L.A. drivers still fuming over Obama traffic; investigation demanded! (GOOD LUCK ON THAT ONE!) Take a helicopter next time, bro!

  6. RT @LosAngelesCP: Free Monthly Venice Art Crawl Launches This Thursday Night. (THOUGHT they had a DAILY one. Called VENICE BEACH BOARDWALK!)

  7. 10 Reasons Why L.A. is the ‘Coolest City on the Planet,’ According to GQ Mag. (Unless you’re talking about extra cool summer, YOU’RE CRAZY!)

  8. RT@latimes:Eli Broad museum OK’d by supervisors, virtually a done deal. -Yeah, like the second “The Broadfather” decided he wanted to do it!

  9. JUST COUNT THE DAYS until “off road racing” is banned on Federal property. Need a safety law passed? Create unsafe situations! Be creative!

  10. HOW’S SHE GONNA GET BY? ONLY A GAZILLIONAIRE!: Dr. Laura to leave radio amid controversy. Thanks, Laura! Just increased L.A. unemployment!

  11. BELL OFFICIALS: Reason they needed $800,000 when making $800,000/yr in first place. (Salaries did not account for cost of living increases!)

  12. NUTTY L.A.: Group Calls for LA Times Boycott Over Plans to Publish LAUSD Teacher Performance Data (HOW ABOUT BOYCOTT OF LAUSD OVER DATA!)

  13. Who’s the idiot who popped into music stream during BEATLES “LET IT BE” & immediately popped out? Need a BIGGER classic? http://ZumaShow.com

  14. I’m no Brian Wilson. NEVER could have written “Good Vibrations.” Never heard of the word “excitations!” (Even though it passes spell check!)

  15. If power goes out in ZD’s area, would lose Zuma Music Radio stream and several people would be without music! http://ZumaShow.com

  16. RT @LANow: 2,000 without power in Marina Del Rey http://lat.ms/avYii7 (HEY! That’s MIGHTY close to ZD territory. FIX THE TRANSFORMERS HERE!)

  17. RT@nytimes: Dr. Laura Schlessinger to End Radio Show. (NOW, what are a bunch of nutty shut-ins going to do with themselves? 9-1-1 get ready!

  18. EVERYTHING’S FINE! (As long as I don’t go outside.) Too much non-compliance & non-enforcement. It ALL triggers ZD’s b-p. Especially drivers!

  19. Joe Walsh SLAYS me…”Think it’s safe to say, time to open fire.” (Never caught the tongue in cheek political humor on that one!)

  20. HURRY! DIVEST IF YOU HAVE ASSETS. READ THIS ARTICLE. They ain’t gonna get the money & CAO announces IMPASS w Unions. http://bit.ly/btyqgN

  21. If you’re checking the blog wondering why postings look 10 yrs old: Celebrating, ZD debut in Aug ’00. An event celebrated throughout County.

  22. RT @LosAngeles: California pension reform effort loses support. GOOD! Cause it’s MOST IMPORTANT issue and activists NEVER supported, either!

  23. ZUMA MUSIC RADIO: ZD is no racist, so he mixes in Shania Twain & Carrie Underwood along with guy rockers like Stones, CCR & Kings of Leon!

  24. ZUMA MUSIC RADIO: If you tune in at 5a-9a, could hear Air Supply, Celine, Barry & Babs soft hits. But Rockin’ Oldies or Disco at 5p-9p.

  25. YOU’RE NEVER GONNA LIKE EVERY SONG ON ANY RADIO STATION: But Zuma Music Radio is designed to keep you happy (enough), all day & night long.

  26. INDICTED Alarcon only installed alarm in fake house in March. Says didn’t know city could do that. NO WONDER CITY IS SCREWED. HE’S AN IDIOT!

  27. Dear Hollywood EMPTY-HEADED LOSER who spent MILLIONS on a program only to have your target audience watch “The Zuma Dogg Show,” instead. LOL

  28. Zuma Dogg=ALL TIME GREAT: ZD can spit topical comedy improv for 30 mins straight. These IDIOT talk show hosts need 13 writers & prompter?

  29. OH NO! I have to go OUTSIDE! And not only that, BIKE 10 miles, round trip, right now when I’m cranky, lazy & tired. LOOK OUT PEOPLE OUTSIDE!

  30. Greetings From ZUMA DOGG – New Blog Posts For 8/17/10 – The Comedy & Tragedy of Los Angeles City Hall (Plus Hollywoo… http://ow.ly/18CaVL

  31. ZUMA MUSIC RADIO: Music combinations that make radio consultants uncomfortable. But to YOU, it’ll just sound like a bunch of good music.

  32. ZUMA DOGG Twitter Update for 8/17/10: Politics, Political Comedy, Hollywood DISH & DIRT & MOST IMPORTANTLY, American… http://ow.ly/18C8d6

  33. “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now’ happens to be an EXCELLENT request, cause ZD suggests any political candidate use this song at events & rallies!

  34. AWE YEAH, ZD just got first request via email for a song on Zuma Music Radio, Here’s McFadden&Whitehead, “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now on ZMR!”

  35. Even though just got out of bed at 1p, been up since 11a! Due to cutbacks, I moved my 3p money saving nap to 2p for extra hour of savings.

  36. L.A. City activists remind me of a 500 tentacled octopus with each tentacle trying to swim in it’s own direction to benefit single tentacle.

  37. As someone tutored & instructed by some of world’s top authors/consultants, I can tell you LA activists are too nutty for city’s well-being.

  38. Politicians may be greedy, but I can’t think of anyone more selfish & self-centered than an L.A. City activist. #2 reason for this mess!

  39. I have to sit here and watch every other city get busted by FEDS for corruption while big kahuna swims freely? BEEN TO L.A. MAYOR’S OFFICE?

  40. Boy, when ZD looks back on past decade, he realized Adam Sandler and Carmen Trutanich would probably be great pals. Have a lot in common.

  41. BIGGEST HOLLYWOOD DOUCHEBAG ZD EVER MET: Leland Labarre from Creative Artists. A man of no convictions. He passed on $$$”Jackass”$$$!


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