The Life & Times of Zuma Dogg – A Comparative-Contrast Essay on Rock-N-Roll V.I.P Lifestyle vs L.A. City Activism (File Under "Comedy")

[Pictured: He’s such a big star, he has his own security detail follow him everywhere he goes. ]

First of all, since this is a post of my Twitter feed, best way to experience this thread is by scrolling to the bottom and read UP.

  1. Here’s my Paul Koretz impersonation: “I think, perhaps we should consider possibly giving some thought to the idea at some point, down the line, in the future, maybe. (DON’T BE SO COMMITTAL, PAUL!)
  2. A PAUL KREKORIAN IMPRESSION; I don’t see any reason why we should cut spending on this item at this time. (Say EVERY time on EVERYTHING…NO MATTER WHAT!!)
  3. MAYBE YOU’LL LIKE IT, TOO: Maybe a coincidence, but I like day much more when I have Zuma Music Radio streaming in background.
  4. MOST VALUABLE PERK OF ALL: V.I.P. tickets good! But, being treated to wave of smiles and joy of people because of your efforts, is greater.
  5. HAPPY (ENOUGH) ENDING: For type of low-budget local “fame” generated, although it’s not mansion w millions, ZD at least gets small apt & GR!
  6. Obviously, I LOVED being immersed in the general public mass, each day, for past decade, MORE than elite crowds, or I wouldn’t have done it.
  7. AND, other thing I wanna mention after all the sarcasm below: It isn’t any more (or less) fun hanging with Grammy winners or general public.
  8. BUT, at the end of day, ZD’s glad it went down this way. I took fork in the road cause city issues were MOST IMPORTANT THING GOING each day.
  9. ONE thing that hasn’t changed (see tweets below), whether I was producing “Zuma Dogg Show” or reporting on council — BOTH ARE COMEDY GIGS!
  10. what a community gathering USED to be to ZD, before activsm. (Now it’s their grandparents I hang with.)
  11. WHAT WAS I THINKING: “Presentations” used to mean ZD at “Gold Record Presentation” for music legend. Now, it means council kiss ass session.
  12. HOW YOU KNOW ZD IS CRAZY: Went from appetizers at Grammy Awards, R&R Hall of Fame Awards, etc., to whatever they have at local NC meeting.
  13. SIDE EFFECT OF BIPOLAR DISORDER: Was stoked once when I interviewed DEPECHE MODE. Also stoked once when I interviewed a pension commissioner.
  14. WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME I HAD A PROBLEM?: Traded taking pictures with Stones, Janet Jackson & Springsteen for Villar, Koretz & Knabe. (OYE!)
  15. HOW YOU KNOW I’M CRAZY: Traded dinner with Tina Turner for lunch with Dennis Zine. (DOH!) I didn’t know how degenerate my disease was!
  16. HOW U KNOW I’M CRAZY: Traded life w Malibu elite/Award winners in mansions, for life with LaBong/Hahn & Nutty Activists in council chambers.
  17. If I’m NOT walking around 24/7 in “activist bipolar mode,” what then? WHAT? Be happy for a few consecutive hours & enjoy day? Sounds shady!
  18. ZD always EXCELLED in science projects. I’m told my bipolar is “off the charts!” (Again, producing TOP results!)
  19. My brain was so messed up from smoking so much marijuana, no matter WHAT city council said they were doing, IT DIDN’T MAKE ANY SENSE TO ME?
  20. Was smoking so much weed I became so completely paranoid, I thought every time Richard Alarcon opened his mouth he was lying. WHAT? HE WAS?
  21. The kind of medication ZD was on, was making him paranoid and he thought EVERYTHING city council did was a shady pilfer scheme. WHAT? IT IS?
  22. WHAT? They make PILL to make your bipolar go away? WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME? When you said “medication” thought you meant marijuana cookies!
  23. Was speaking with friend on my escalating bipolar condition that’s EXPLODED recently. Says medications are available for this? Should I try?

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