Zuma Dogg Twitter "Week In Review" (Saturday July 30, 2010 Update): The good, the bad & the ugly (The Comedy & Tragedy of ZD & LA City Hall!)

[Pictured: No matter how bad of a cranky day, always gotta be camera ready, cause they’re gonna take the picture, anyway!]

Dear Reader,

There’s some good, mixed in with the bad and the ugly. Been a roller-coaster week of some good City Hall activist blogging, mixed in with the moments of newly and highly concentrated bipolar juice that has me a tad turbulent, these days. Whatever it is, some comedy mixed in with the tragedy and hopefully entertaining for a slow news Saturday.

  1. LA WEEKLY, TAKEN WITH GRAIN OF SALT: Compare pictures used to document residents complaint of RV blight vs one’s ZD took. http://ow.ly/2ji7o

  2. HERE ARE PHOTOS ZD took today in the 12 noon hour of street LA Weekly used to document residents’ RV blight complaints. http://ow.ly/2ji6Q

  3. Dangerous criminal walks down unsafe street LA Weekly used to document RV blight in Venice. Looks pretty unsafe! http://twitpic.com/2aga5m

  4. Just to be sure…more sidewalk on “Mad Max” street of RV blight as “exposed” by LA Weekly in http://twitpic.com/2ag9tp

  5. Another picture of sidewalk that is causing RV blight to Venice residents as published in LA Weekly photo shoot. http://twitpic.com/2ag9f1

  6. Here is the sidewalk that is supposed to be suffering from “Max Mad” conditions of people defecating, dr http://twitpic.com/2ag8x0

  7. Here is the street LA Weekly used for pictures of residential RV blight… http://twitpic.com/2ag8i3

  8. ZD BULKY ITEM REMOVAL: A bookcase has been on sidewalk for WEEKS! I called/still there. I bet when I push it in street, it will get removed!

  9. Make sure you keep you and your shit out of my way, today, or it’s gonna get damaged. All I know, is I’m gonna damage shit, today!

  10. Kicking shit around always good outlet on day like this. Smashing glass bottles against brick wall, fun, too. Main thing, BREAK/SMASH SHIT!

  11. What a terrible, miserable, worthless day to be alive. What a LOUSY fucking day to be alive. Already a nightmare. Just gonna get worse. F-U!

  12. 1 more straw on bipolar camels back. a great way to trigger a zd bipolar attack; cancel lunch plans today. i fucking knew it. i knew it.

  13. I ALREADY KNEW: Someone booked lunch w zd today to discuss biz options. of course i just got the email canceling. there goes lunch.

  14. oh no…been up since 530am…not in the budget. i guess it’s gonna be broke & miserable saturday. no relief. no break for zd. f-u.

  15. It’s really no more or less fun hanging out at the Grammy Award party as an NC or council meeting. Just better food & drinks. But that’s it.

  16. McCartney, Elton, Jagger/Richards, Turner, Springsteen, Plant, Mariah, Whitney, Bon J, Run-DMC, Seal, JanetJ: Partied w em till I was bored.

  17. Hey N Scummins, when I was on the phone talking to Luther Vandross, I asked him to call my mom to say, “Hello,” cause she loved him. He did!

  18. EUREKA!: I think I figured it out! Nutty Scummings must be Richard Alarcon’s alter-ego. Both have similar logic, reasoning and verbiage.

  19. Mary, LOVE the emails, they’re hilarious. But I don’t have patience to go through all of ’em. I just click on 1 or 2. Combine em all into 1!

  20. If you look around City of Los Angeles and are outraged and sickened at what you see on a daily basis, better leave now. WORSE is coming!

  21. Residents of L.A. have to accept the new civic streets reality created by municipal waste. If uncomfortable, u may have to move to Pasadena.

  22. R U gonna get mad at people for tie-dyed shirts at G.Dead concert? Yes, lots of RVs in Venice, but I don’t see all the residential clusters.

  23. I’D LOVE TO HAVE “ONE MORE THING” TO SCREAM AT CITY ABOUT: AND, I know Venice is RV capital of L.A., but don’t see huge residential issue?

  24. We all love LA Weekly for their stories, but not happy they’re portraying residential RV problem w industrial street pics:http://ow.ly/2j9h4

  25. IF YOU’RE A VENICE RESIDENT & have an RV/camper problem on your street, please email ZD. I’d like to see it. (Unless you live on a main st.)

  26. Time for “rice & beans” plate at Baja Fresh. BEST use of $1.85 for food value & taste! (Must get “for here.” “To go” jammed into small cup.)

  27. City Council Votes $7 Million Payment for DWP Bond Insurance on LAST DAY OF DEADLINE, But DWP Committee Didn’t Have … http://ow.ly/18mOHU


  29. RT of a legend about a legend=RT @garybryanshow: Congrats to Steve Edwards on his Governor’s Award at local Emmys tomorrow! (Gary & Steve!)

  30. Oops: Jimmy Blackman not just on “sunset” vacation but officially announces he’s leaving mayor’s office (before indicted over Ticketgate.)

  31. RT @LAupDates: It’s LastFriday on Main Street, Santa Monica! Follow Ocean Park to Rose along Main St in Santa Monica. LOOK FOR ZD SIGHTING!

  32. WHAT? Jimmy Blackman quitting Team Villar? NOW, who am I going to manipulate like a ventriloquist puppet to get ZD’s message to Villarigosa?

  33. Oh no: Jimmy “The Slimebag” Blackman leaving City Hall?” He was the “tool” I used to get my messages back to Douchetonio V. & Posse.

  34. Oh, I guess the slimebag is out of the bag. Yes, Villaraigosa bag man Jimmy Blackman (a real douchebag or douchebags) taking a “vacation.”

  35. AWARENESS IS THE CURE: Now that ZD can tell the whole past decade was fueled by bipolar juice, do I keep it in check=no ZD. Can’t have both.

  36. Asking Dave to be Zuma Dogg without the bipolar adrenaline juice is like asking baseball player to hit homers without steroids. Nice wish.

  37. I thought it was called, “waking up and trying to make the most out of every day.” But social workers will call it “bipolar,” too. LABELS!

  38. I guess living on streets while blogging; going to meetings; running for mayor; producing shows, etc. 18 hrs a day qualifies you as bipolar.

  39. YOU WOULDN’T ASK McDONALDS TO THROW AWAY SECRET SAUCE!: Why would you ask Zuma Dogg to check his bipolar adrenaline juice? I’ll be a mortal!

  40. Oh no…non-bipolar Zuma Dogg will be, “thanking LA City Council for their leadership on this item.” And won’t be cranky enough to blog.

  41. My social worker made me realize I’ve been living a bipolar-fueled decade. I feel that now. So if I live non-bipolar, what do I do all day?

  42. I’m writing a movie script like “The Godfather” based on City Hall. SMART @JoseHuizar can play the “Fredo” character. (A natural for Fredo!)

  43. FERRIS HUIZAR’S DAY OFF: Excuse @JoseHuizar for leaving council meeting UNEXCUSED, losing quorum. Had new $50,000 SUV to drive! (He’s SMAT!)

  44. FERRIS HUIZAR’S DAY OFF: After Presentation Friday, SMART JOSE HUIZAR left council meeting un-excused. QUORUM LOST w BIZ ON DESK. $$$ LOST!

  45. HEY HUIZAR: Your pal who sits on Homeboy, Inc board tells ZD you cheated off him in throughout high school! Not surprised u ditched meeting.

  46. Which one of Villaraiogsa’s inner circle can’t take the heat anymore and is about to hop out of frying pan. (Maybe to avoid indictments?)

  47. In the mafia click Jose Huizar is tied to, he’s the “Fredo” of the bunch!

  48. HEY SMART JOSE HUIZAR: You were in such hurry to drive around your new $50,000 SUV, you left council meeting UNEXCUSED and quorum was lost!

  49. It would be nice if someone could hook me up a little right now on PayPal. Quite simply, I just want to be able to enjoy a weekend evening.

  50. Oh no: Heading into weekend with $0.00. Man, I wish I could have ONE DAY of good spirits without stress of not being able to afford the day.

  51. the thing that i’m most sad over is having to loose another nice, productive day cause have to sleep today, since broke.

  52. JOSE HUIZAR BLOWS QUORUM AND COUNCIL MEETING: Smart Jose Huizar left council meeting unexcused and they lost quorum. His bad! Sorry L.A.!

  53. BUNCH OF CLOWNS: After an hour of Friday Dog & Pony Presentations and Ass-Kissing, Council loses quorum and items for today must be moved.

  54. Was a short comeback. Caught up on some blogging. But out of cash, and out of steam. Gotta go back to sleep. Donate if u can! ZD, not ZzzzD!

  55. If DWP committee has EMERGENCY item, like today’s $7.2 mil bond payment, could use teleconference/cell phone. THEY DIDN’T. BLEW 911 QUORUM!

  56. Jan Perry revealed that the DWP committee needed to help approve $7.2 mil DWP bond insurer payment DIDN’T HAVE QUORUM! ILLEGAL PAYMENT?

  57. OH NO…Council just blew Ron Kaye’s weekend. Waited till last day to discuss massive bond payment to DWP insurers over Valley pipe bursts.

  58. Oh no, who let Janice Hahn sit in the Council President seat. SHE’S ACTUALLY RUNNING THE MEETING??? Already confused. (City going to hell.)

  59. Wonder what nut case pal of ZD it was knocking on my window at 11p last night, when they didn’t bother to call, first? (Wasn’t gonna look.)

  60. Hi, I’m Shitty Attorney Douche Titanich. Please don’t ask me about REAP conflict allegations. Staff busy cracking down on billboard crimes.

  61. Hi, I’m Shitty Attorney Titanich! Sorry Council. Don’t have that 6month report on REAP conflict allegations for today’s vote. (Billboards!)

  62. Why would Carmen Trutanich get off his ass and investigate REAL CORRUPTION? He’s got personal axes to grind, today. Sorry property owners!

  63. TRUTANICH CITY ATTORNEY OFFICE: Sorry, Council. Don’t have 6 month report on REAP conflict allegations, as promised. (Busy with billboards.)

  64. TRUTANICH’S CITY ATTORNEY OFFICE: NO time to investigation RENT ESCROW CONFLICT ALLEGATIONS: Too busy tearing down a billboard, somewhere.

  65. FIRST phony Paul Krekorian didn’t say a word during discussion of item; then he voted WRONG (couldn’t follow); THEN asks to reconsider item.

  66. I feel so sorry for Richard alarCON because he seems to suffer from the most irrational, non-parallel, logic. Always creates a fake victim.

  67. When you have CM Parks on ONE side of an issue regarding contractor corruption and alarCON & Krackorian on the other side…take a guess?

  68. RICHARD alarCON’s STRATEGY ON POLICY: If there’s smoke pouring out of building, don’t condemn situation as a fire. Wait to see developments.

  69. LOS ANGELES CITY COUNCIL Addresses Allegations of Conflict Regarding Rent Escrow (REAP) Contractors (Zuma Dogg’s #1 … http://ow.ly/18lZad

  70. SF VALLEY: NO secession when they had chance, cause they went for (curtain #2); council meetings once monthly in Valley they no longer hold.

  71. PAUL KREKORIAN: Even Richard Alarcon admires his shady-protecting slickery that breezes right past his naive and unsophisticated supporters.


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