L.A. City News for Friday May 21 2010

[Pictured: A community member who was threatened by the crowd, and their leader, Richard a-CON, who supports them. The member with the “No” button was shown pictures of his property by mob members and was threatened. (Same folks who attacked the police.) Let’s fight for THOSE guys!]

  1. Breaking news: Banks, lenders ordered to maintain houses: Banks and other lenders will have to maintain foreclosed… http://bit.ly/biY1mK

  2. Breaking news: Latest housing figures show foreclosures, short sales dominating: The median price of a San Fernand… http://bit.ly/aA64px

  3. Breaking news: Villaraigosa calls for mediator in union talks: Stepping up efforts to wrest $110 million in conces… http://bit.ly/a3aRTf

  4. RT @michaellinder: Near riot at LA City Council when rent freeze ordinance is sent back to committee. http://twitpic.com/1psmzk

  5. RT @abc7: L.A. City Council sends rent-control ordinance back to committee. Fights break out, 3 arrested http://bit.ly/a4OHqZ

  6. RT @LANow: Protesters shut down L.A. City Council meeting on rent control; police make several arrests http://lat.ms/dvHiDZ

  7. Police officer attacked and housing advocate threatened at L.A. City Council meeting as angry community blight shuts down council meeting.

  8. Thanks to Restore LA (http://RestoreLA.us) and “Ghost” for sponsoring today’s blogging. MUCH more to come all weekend. http://ZumaShow.com.

  9. VIDEO: Zuma Dogg responds with ADDITIONAL DETAILS to KNBC 4 News Report on Shady CIty Travel Expenses: http://ow.ly/1Ooup

  10. “BEST OF” ZUMA TALK RADIO: Listen to this FASCINATING talk radio segment from Zuma Dogg’s Wall St. PENSIONGATE insider. http://ow.ly/1OnUc

  11. L.A. Council FORCED into recess/cannot continue meeting over UNRULY crowd angered that rent freeze was sent back to committee. UNPRECEDENTED

  12. A Message From The Recall L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa Organizers & Concerned Community Members http://ow.ly/17sgo9

  13. AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE to California Voters Regarding the FUTURE of the STATE (Important Voter Information Regarding … http://ow.ly/17sgoa

  14. City Council LOST CONTROL of chambers to unruly crowd over rent stabilization ordinance being sent back to committee vs a “yes” vote today.

  15. NEW WEBSITE ABOUT L.A. COUNTY POLITICS & CORRUPTION: Restore LA – Restore the Los Angeles County Republic. NON-PARTISAN – http://ow.ly/1Onvp

  16. Welcome to ZumaShow.com – (Aka: LA Daily Blog) – Watch this FREE Introductory Video http://ow.ly/17sew4

  17. THANKS 4 CHECKING IN!: Thursday was LA DAILY BLOG’s MOST VIEWED day EVER! (Previous record was PensionGate era.) You’ll see in BNN ranking.

  18. Welcome to ZD’s blog: Home of Ries, Trout, Deming, Robbins, Williamson, Dyer, Bandler/NLP & Dogg. http://bit.ly/cCVsOy

  19. FULL EMBEDDED VIDEO of KNBC 4 Investigation into City Hall Travel Expenses & ZD’s follow up segment on Kevin James Show – http://ow.ly/1NREH

  20. REMEMBER ACTIVISTS: L.A.’s financial future DIRECTLY tied to Wall Street. How’s Wall Street doin’? BETTER SPEAK UP! Contact ZD for details.


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