Zuma Dogg Friday Morning Thoughts (Pretty Cranky, but not as bad as you’d think!)

[Pictured: Bitter and cranky in ANY setting, just the way you like it.]

It sure would be nice to know what the city council is discussing when watching on TV. No longer putting agenda item/description on screen.

  • Not trying to be difficult when I say I can’t really crank out the new LIVE ZD web show and blog posts when flat broke. $5 bucks is enough.
  • RELEASE THE BRAKE: ZD feels like a sports car, ready to open up on the autobahn today, but the emergency brake is on. $5 can release brake!
  • I WOULD LOVE TO: A song on the jukebox costs a buck. Wind up the @ZumaDogg toy for $5 bucks and I’ll rant like crazy on LIVE webcam show.
  • NEW COUNCIL BAMBOOZLE: During broadcast of meeting, no longer putting agenda item description on screen. You don’t know what item is about.
  • FOR THE RECORD: I notified @EricGarcetti‘s office MONTHS AGO of jobless construction workers loitering in Sliverlake area CAUSING PROBLEMS!
  • Seems strange a municipality can put moratorium on rent increases? How about preventing restaurants from raising menu prices?
  • I want to tweet about some other things besides L.A. City Hall. When I return, hopefully I will be doing that. TIME FOR SOME POP CULTURE!
  • The little agenda game I just saw Jan Perry & Eric Garcetti pull reminded me of that little shell game I used to see on NYC streets. Bmbzl.
  • ERIC GARCETTI, so nervous at today’s council meeting he’s chewing gum like a cow on speed. SLOW DOWN, Bro! What are you so nervous about?
  • When Jan Perry says, “Can we forego the reading of the item by the city clerk in the interest of time…” SOMETHING VERY SHADY IS HAPPENING!
  • My deepest sympathy and regrets to those across the city who are forced to have to sit and discuss city business with Janice Hahn. Sorry!
  • I am simply enjoying the final moments before the inevitable: Complete ZD meltdown over being stuck without $10 to make it through day. UGH!
  • AND NOW, on with the countdown: It’s Friday – a beautiful day at Venice Beach…’m not gonna sit here all day and Tweet about L.A. politics.
  • PLEASE ASK CITY ATTORNEY CARMEN TRUTANICH about the Wall St “alternative investment” bamboozle. HE FILED ANTI-TRUST LAWSUIT! (Stay ignorant)
  • Until I hear another activist use the term”alternative investments” as a BIG City Hall issue to be addressed, you are simply a clown to me.
  • Someone said, “The pension problem is not unique to L.A.” THE WAY VILLAR’S CRONIES FUNNELED MONEY INTO “ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENTS” IS, THOUGH!
  • Some activists want to DENY LACERS “alternative investments” as to what put us in this crisis, it’s almost like you have motive to deny it.
  • If you didn’t catch/see something at a council meeting, and you missed the most critical information, just pretend it’s not really a factor.
  • YOU WEREN’T FOLLOWING LACERS THEN: When I say something based on facts presented by LACERS PLEASE do not embarrass yourself by disputing ZD.
  • Wish I could do something today. Kinda on a short leash. People are busy. Besides money, need someone to work on stuff with. More days lost.
  • http://RECALLVillaraigosa.com
  • DWP Approves Nearly 5% Rate Increase…Mayor Warns MORE NEEDED for Green Plan – DWP Agrees to $73 mil transfer to S… http://ow.ly/175ct9
  • A Message on FREE SPEECH & NOT letting a corrupt municipal body take them away. SOMETIMES, you may even have to rai… http://ow.ly/175aaO
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