L.A. City News TWITTER Feed For 4.10.10 – There’s NO WAY Garcetti Could’ve Know About David Rubin’s FBI Problems (Was Too Busy Creating REAL Savings!)

[Not so funny, Eric. Now get away from me. I can’t be associated with you.]

  • FULL ARTICLE: L.A. City Council President Eric Garcetti’s City Hall office investigated by FBI over shady email chain. http://ow.ly/1wMvT
  • FBI IS, INDEED INVESTIGATING ERIC GARCETTI’S COUNCIL OFFICE over an email chain relating to L.A. Controller’s audit of Bonnie Brae project.

  • ERIC GARCETTI: This whole Bonnie Brae housing deal is gonna end up pissing off TWO PRESIDENTS: Obama, and now Bill’s gonna be dragged in!

  • READ MORE ABOUT DAVID RUBIN: The person Eric Garcetti and City Hall did an affordable housing deal with, now under FBI: http://ow.ly/1wMof

  • LACERS said BIG pension loss was H Cisneros project. Cisneros tied to Garcetti. Garcetti approved housing project by D Rubin, Pres of CDR.

  • DAVID RUBIN is President of a Financial Products firm (Municipal Reinvestment/Credit Swaps) under FBI investigation. Eric did deal with him!

  • David Rubin is Pres of CDR Financial Products. Specializing in CREDIT SWAPS AND MUNICIPAL REINVESTMENT. LACERS lost BIG in CIsneros project.

  • Maybe FBI jumped on L.A. Controller’s audit of Housing in @EricGarcetti‘s district is cause CDR Finacials under investigation: D Rubin/Pres.

  • $6.4 mil Prop 1C $ used for FBI investigated housing in Garcetti’s district. Company D Rubin is President of also under FBI investigation.

  • LACERS panel said “a BIG reason” city lost big pension money was over Henry C HUD workforce housing. Was only example specifically cited.

  • CDR Financial Products, LLC (David Rubin/President) – UNDER INVESTIGATION from FBI and there was an SEC – Settlement Enforcement Action.

  • NOW STREAMING: Zuma Dogg FRIDAY NIGHT FOLLOW UP CALL to KRLA Kevin James Show on FBI Investigation into @EricGarcetti‘s Housing Project.

  • KEVIN JAMES asking if L.A. City Council President ERIC GARCETTI has been question by FBI over disabled senior housing investigation.

  • Officials: No need for city shutdown – LA Daily News http://ow.ly/1wJdb (Good summary of the week.)

  • THIS STORY ALL OVER INTERNET: LA Times – Despite getting new revenue, L.A. budget shortfall deepens to $222.4 million – http://ow.ly/1wHw4

  • ALL IS WELL, carry on! City did such a great job of becoming so efficient they saved so much $$$, they can keep the city open 5 days a week!


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