LA CITY NEWS – Tuesday 4/6/10 Update (Aka: The City Hall Meltdown Report) DWP Council Discussion & LegalZoom LEAVING LOS ANGELES (More job loss!)

[Pictured: Morons, losers and dummies. All monikers now deemed as factual, non-subjective adjectives.]

  1. GADFLIES LIKE ZD NOT ONLY ONES FRUSTRATED WITH MAYOR & COUNCIL: “Discouraging and frustrating,” is how LegalZoom describes it. LEAVING L.A.!
  2. Doubt Cast on New Los Angeles Internet Business Tax Ordinance — LegalZoom leaving L.A. BLASTS Mayor & Council –
  3. “I think there has been a fair amount of avoidance behavior.” – DWP GM David “LHS” Freeman on council’s inaction on (needed?) rate increase.
  4. “How do we put the crap back in the goose…as the city of Los Angeles BURNS.” – Councilm Herb Wesson (Thanks for admitting it IS burning.)
  5. “This is just outrageous. This is just unbelievable. What do we do about a RENEGADE DWP?” L.A. City Councilmember Paul Koretz
  6. NO HIDING IT ANYMORE, ERIC. Bloomberg & Business Coverage – L.A. to Run Out of Cash in a Month, Controller Says –
  7. Nice to hear Tim Conway, Jr doing EXTENSIVE COVERAGE of L.A. City Budget crisis on MASSIVE KFI 640 signal. REAL SIGNAL GETS MESSAGE OUT!
  8. ITEM 12 on Tuesday L.A. City Council Agenda: Council to reaffirm request to DWP to transfer the damn money. Gonna get ugly. Can’t wait! TV35
  9. Meg Whitman gives Gov campaign for GOP another $20m. That’s $59m so far from personal fortune. She’s already spent $46m. (Good luck Jerry!)
  10. R U STILL CRYING ABOUT THIS: Council & Villaraigsoa Increased Workforce, Raises In Face Of Budget Crisis OLD NEWS
  11. DAILY NEWS Breaking news: City could go broke by June 30: Los Angeles could be broke by June 30 – (I TRIED, WENDY!)
  12. DWP DOWNGRADE TO MATCH CITY’S?: Fitch rating agency had assumed the rate increase would be approved. (This is SO blown)
  13. RT @JerryBrown2010: Tomorrow at 10a details of Corey Haim’s “Dr Shopping” for pills. (ANYTHING but exposing political corruption, Jerry.)

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