Zuma Dogg TWITTER UPDATE: Political News & Commentary from L.A.’s Bi-Polar Paul Harvey!

[Pictured: KNBC 4 News stops by ZD’s blogging studio for some “A” material on council’s wasteful trip spending.]

Here are some “teaser tweets” on KNBC 4 investigation on council’s lavish trips and junkets, paid for out of the general fund. Seems council likes to ignore recommended hotels in the area to stay at the Westin or most expensive hotel in area. Report should air sometime next week. WENDY GREUEL: Time to get to work, sweetie…oh I forgot, you’re no sweetie.

  1. HEY L.A. COUNCIL: This update on your lavish spending on out of state/country trips (vacations), courtesy of her Madame Pro-Temp Crackhead.
  2. If an L.A. City Councilmember attends a “business related” convention, should city pay for spouse’s trip and registration, too, CM Parks?
  3. GRIEG SMITH: Big crybaby pussy when it comes to budget crisis, but is one of TOP SPENDERS when it comes to expensive trips on city money.
  4. Jose Huizar & Dennis Zine: You should vote to end practice of “cash advances” to pay for your expensive trips. Huizar, nice excuse to NBC.
  5. ONE THING L.A. city council members can agree on: Always a good reason to fly to Vegas for some convention or event…paid with city money.
  6. BERNARD PARKS: Complains about budget issues. How come you stayed at most expensive hotel in area on council trip, ignoring recommendation?
  7. FORGET UNCOLLECTED DEBT: Make Council pay back money out of general fund used to pay for Council’s luxury trips and we’d be fine. WENDY!
  8. I think it’s GREAT that Jose Huizar attends his annual Princeton reunion. He makes enough to afford it…WHAT, PAID FOR OUT OF GENERAL FUND?
  9. After hearing details of KNBC4 investigation into council’s lavish “business” trips, thinking council’s main function is planning next trip.
  10. ED REYES: In the past two years, have you spent more time in council chambers or on expensive and luxurious trips that sound like vacations?
  11. ERIC GARCETTI: How did the City of L.A. and residents BENEFIT by spending general fund money on your trip to Disneyworld for you and Amy???
  12. CAN’T DO ANY BLOGGING OR CONTENT TODAY: Way out of money and food. When I’m blogging at 3:30am…It’s BAD NEWS FOR ZD. Need $20 PayPal ASAP.
  13. If ZD were in charge, 1st thing I would do if police and social services were cut, would be release prisoners into the streets w no support.
  14. If Villaraigosa & Garcetti were on “Price Is Right” instead of “All My Children” would’ve heard, “Whomp” (loser) sounder at end of segment.
  15. “ENOUGH ROPE TO HANG YOURSELVES”: That’s the term that comes to mind when I think of mayor Villaraiogsa & City Clowncil. Way to BLOW it! LOL
  16. For past 4yrs, I watched council & Villaraigosa LITERALLY give away the money as quickly as possible. NOW they don’t like recommendations.
  17. “NO ACTION REQUIRED”: That’s ALL I ever hear city clerk say at the end of these special budget emergency hearings. SO WHY ALL THE BLABBER?
  18. WHY DOES AEG WHORE JAN PERRY waste council meeting time trying to play comment card games with Matt Dowd, only to LOSE! Stay off crack, Jan!
  19. People prefer to ignore/breeze past WARNINGS of what is coming in future; and simply wait until AFTER it has been announced/too late to act.
  20. I want same respect and attention other bloggers get; so from now on, I am going to wait until it’s printed in LA Times, then link to it.
  21. How many times did I tell you, Eric Garcetti, stop approving density/cIty will not be able to afford to operate. ZD was right, U were wrong
  22. L.A. DAILY BLOG – L.A. CIty News Update for Thursday 3.4.10 – (L.A. City Council Reveals “PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE” T… http://ow.ly/16IQSN
  23. L.A. City News Update for 03-04-10: KNBC 4 Investigating City Hall’s Fancy Trips; Is AEG Broke & Council Announces… http://ow.ly/16IPJw
  24. SUPPORT L.A. Daily Blog & L.A. City News: Zuma Dogg’s Internet connection was cut off. Back to shaky wi-fi. Content cut. PayPal now. Owe $43
  25. “PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE. If we worked round the clock, three shifts a day we couldn’t get it done in time.” (Response on processing layoffs.)
  26. BREAKING NEWS: KNBC 4 NEWS doing INVESTIGATIVE REPORT on Mayor & City Council’s world-class luxury trips at taxpayer expense. OUTRAGEOUS!
  27. REASON YOU GO TO ZUMA DOGG: To find out what is coming down the line/what is next. But people like to wait till LA Times/blog reports AFTER.
  28. I’m broadcasting my live Stickam stream at http://stickam.com/zumadogg started: Thu, 13:41 PST
  29. TODAY, LA. mascot Antonio Villaraigosa is actually, celebrating the grand opening of Costco in Pacoima.: You have GOT to be kidding. BUDGET?
  30. When I watch council meeting I always hear them say how L.A. “outperforms” the rest of the pack (here and there) but L.A. is in WORST SHAPE?
  31. JAN PERRY single-handedly decides to SHUT DOWN the FREE SPEECH VOICE that people en mass tune in to hear…AND YOU PEOPLE TAKE IT? u losers!
  32. SELFISH, SHORT-SIGHTED, DIM-WITTED LOSERS are what you are when you allow Jan Perry to single-handedly SHUT DOWN Free Speech w/out protest.
  33. A sad commentary on what you community members are willing to tolertate and accept when no one pressures council over illegal 30 day ZD ban.
  34. “INEPT”: lacking sense, foolish, not suitable to the time or occasion : inappropriate to an absurd degree, generally incompetent : bungling.
  35. WHEN CITY COUNCIL comes up with solutions they cannot process & are downgraded over “lack of action,” term “inept” is not just name calling.
  36. ALTHOUGH THEY PORTRAY an air of competence and arrogance, I think L.A. City Council has CLEARLY proven to the world THEY ARE 100% INEPT!
  37. 100%: That is the level of certainty ZD’s Batcomputer now calculates chances of L.A. going bankrupt after discussion of Item 4 from 3/03/10.
  38. Today, Los Angeles Spokesperson Antonio Villaraigosa is “celebrating the grad opening of Costco in Pcoima.” You have GOT to be kidding me!
  39. L.A. City News Update For Wed 03-03-10 – KNBC Interviews Zuma Dogg For INVESTIGATIVE STORY on City Hall’s EXPENSIVE… http://ow.ly/16Inl2

THESE WERE ZUMA DOGG’S TWEETS (opinion & commentary). L.A. City News items (news wire) is updated at http://LACityNews.com for more content/items not posted here.

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