City of Los Angeles NEWS UPDATE for Tuesday 2/16/10

The only news to report is that I can’t operate this blog without support from the community, which I am not getting. Matt Dowd just drove by to pick me up to go to the Council meeting, but I sure as hell ain’t gonna ruin my day going downtown for a council meeting, so I told him to go without me. (The whole trip and cranky city council process is too draining without proper nutrition.) So looks like ZD is losing the council appearances on TV, along with the blogging, and I will be sitting comfortably in my Venice Beach housing or will be ON the beach, half a block away. Wish I could do it all…wish I could blog and go to the meetings, but not on THIS level of nutrition and expenses. So, for the first time EVER, Zuma Dogg turned down a free ride to the city council meeting today and simply stayed home to enjoy listening to music on a nice day. THAT’S A FIRST! So instead of blogging and council meetings, gonna convert it all to the LIVE ZumaSHOW video stream, which I will still be updating every day, throughout the day…AND a lot of stuff in the Twitter feed. So looks like it IS semi-retirement for ZD, now that he is off the street. (Not trying to be difficult, I just do what I can based on the circumstances, y’all.)


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