Zuma Dogg’s L.A. City Twitter Update for Sunday (1.16.10) — Welcome Austin "Powers" Beutner (New Economic Chief) to Zuma Dogg’s "GOOD" List!

[Pictured: Times haven’t been as good for Zuma Dogg under your Council Presidency. ZD’s not chompin’ it down enough to maintain energy to maintain activism. Can I have a bite, Eric? If I was greedy, powerful Councilman and you were starving, I’d give YOU a bite.]

FUN WHILE IT LASTED: For the past couple weeks, ZD had enough cash of his own to blow on things like going to council meetings and blogging round the clock, but those days are over, for now. Next ZD cash flow not until February 6th, so it’s gonna be a cranky next couple weeks. If someone wants to sponsor Zuma Dogg activism to keep him going to all the council meetings and blog round the clock in his new video-blog studios, hit the PayPal link. Otherwise, I’ll be back when I generate enough revenue to buy the food and energy drinks it takes to keep this blog pumpin’. Adios!


  1. If anyone has a business ideas to work on with me, or a paid project, give me a call. I’m not wealthy enough to afford a career in blogging.

  2. Wish I could provide some VALUE to someone out there to keep food in my mouth. Blogging doesn’t seem to cut it. Show’s over! Out of food.

  3. When I got the food money to keep my energy up, I blog hard and hit council meetings. It’s OVER for now. Food hit below min level today.

  4. LA DAILY BLOG PLEDGE BREAK: Blogged hard this week and attended meetings. Need donations to keep it going for this week. PayPal if you can.

  5. It’s CLEAR to @ZumaDogg that City Attorney office has advised it’s client (City Council) to WATCH 1st Amendment violations. Been a pleasure!

  6. TURN ON TV 35 (Time Warner Cable) It’s time for Zuma Dogg public comment time throughout the meeting including now famous Alarcon rant.

  7. Japanese Mngmt (under Deming’s 14 Points) would NEVER accept bonuses while talking bailouts. Would be HUGE shame. Would jump on sword first.

  8. RT @BarackObama: If big financial firms can afford massive bonuses, they can afford to pay back the American people. http://bit.ly/V-8

  9. CITY COUNCIL CHALLENGE: With BIG STUFF to address in COMMITTEE/Council meetings, plus district work, COUNCIL NEEDS TO NIP ASS-KISSING TALK!

  10. TRANSCRIPT: New L.A. City Economic Chief/1st Deputy Mayor Austin “Powers” Beutner…BLOOMBERG TV interview – http://ow.ly/Xu09

  11. Quality & Productivity Czar @ZumaDogg feels a lot better having WALL ST LEGEND AUSTIN BEUTNER over L.A. economy than douchebag-dummy mayor.

  12. LA DAILY BLOG: Ranked #4 this week, while Mayor Sam’s blog goes on hiatus. If ZD doesn’t get PayPal blog support, he’ll be on hiatus, too.

  13. BREAKING NEWS: LATimes reports, “Villaraigosa says exercise, yoga and Lu Parker have him in good place.” NOT thinking about city helps, too.

  14. If L.A. were a home in winter trying to stay warm, not only would windows be open, it would accidentally have air conditioning running, too.

  15. HEY NEW L.A. CITY ECONOMIC CHIEF AUSTIN “POWERS” BEUTNER – First thing you should ask for is a FLOW CHART of city processes. A tangled mess.

  16. New City of L.A. Economic Chief Austin Beutner: I CAN TELL ALREADY, he’s studied Deming’s 14 Points. I can see it in his comments. AU-STIN!

  17. PROBLEM WITH MAYOR’S BUDGET SURVEY: Q: Should the city pursue increases to fines, fees & parking? WHO WOULD VOTE YES FOR INCREASES TO SELF?

  18. TOP L.A. CITY NEWS STORIES: City of L.A. to declare bankruptcy in three (3) months, and Zuma Dogg new Quality & Productivity Czar for L.A.

  19. QUALITY & PRODUCTIVITY: A lack of it got us in this mess. A commitment to it is only way out. – City of L.A.’s new Q&P Czar, Zuma W. Dogg.

  20. QUALITY & PRODUCTIVITY: Cuts obviously must be made in L.A. City budget, but Q&P is how you function AFTER the loss of valuable employees.

  21. MAYOR’S BUDGET SURVEY A JOKE: “Should City INCREASE parking fees?” “Should City Cancel Xmas?” How about asking for ranking of priorities?

  22. MARKET RESEARCH: Problem w mayor’s BUDGET SURVEY: If you ask, “Should City cut funding to libraries, etc,” people will say, “NO” every time!

  23. IT HAS BEEN BROUGHT TO EricGarcetti’s attention: COMMITTEE meetings often times DO NOT have quorum at end of meetings. ZD will be watching!

  24. Zuma Dogg’s TWITTER FEED Column on LA Daily Blog – Constantly Updated NEW CONTENT Between Blog Posts http://ow.ly/16mkvz

  25. @MichaelLinder, Aren’t you SO HAPPY Mayor V is GREAT & NEVER HAPPIER cause of yoga and Lu. Guess he didn’t hear your news reports on budget.

  26. City of LA 2 for 2 on 3-1-1 Graffiti Removal Service: For the second time, ZD called 3-1-1 for graffiti removal, and it was GONE in 24 hrs!

  27. STEVE PERRY WANTS TO KNOW: Do y’all wanna hear, “Don’t Stop Believin’?” I said, Do Y’all Wanna Hear Don’t Stop LIVE! http://lala.com/zVBw

  28. ZUMA MASTER FILE: A posting of the internationally acclaimed “Interpreting Deming’s 14 Points” for your easy reference (cont) http://tl.gd/44r8i

AGAIN, if you have a revenue generating idea for ZD to help keep this blog going, holla at ya boy. So far, no FED STIMULUS MONEY for activist blogging.

BONUS: Three most valuable and important Tweets I could post for you to read to help unleash your highest level of creative spirit and human achievement. (That’s all I claim!)

  1. ZUMA MASTER FILE: A BIG part of L.A. City’s problem continues to be a marketing problem. Many businesses suffering (cont) http://tl.gd/44qsn

  2. ZUMA MASTER FILES: This may seem like jibber-jabber to you, but it was specifically worded/create to unleash your (cont) http://tl.gd/44q1g


SUPER ADDED VALUE BONUS: Here’s a link to over 450 songs from the Zuma Music Radio Master Library. Click “All songs” for easy scroll listing of playlist pages. “My gifts are my songs and, this 450 are for you!” (Need to sign up for free account at http://LaLa.com to hear them all forever online whenever you want!)


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