LA Daily Blog Scores FIRST EVER #1 Ranking on BlogNetNews STATEWIDE Ranker (Mayor Sam Not Even In The Top 10, As Tops Mayor Sam, Too!)

[Pictured: Dowd/Dogg City Hall Gift Exchange – Pt 1: ALWAYS…”FOR THE KIDS!” (Not just a political photo op.)]

Yes, we all know a certain Los Angeles political blog has tanked recently and here’s the evidence. This week’s Blog Net News ranker, where Zuma Dogg’s L.A. Daily Blog lands it’s first #1 ranking EVER — while Mayor Sam’s blog lands at #14.

There’s always been some STUBBORN Orange County blog that usually keeps ZD bottle-capped at #2 — but BIG CITY BUDGET NEWS and ZD’s round-the-clock blogging broke through the barrier, this week. (Looks like all of Mayor Sam readers flocked to THE DAILY BLOG!)

Weekly Influence Index – ranking of 100 California News Blogs.

* L.A. Daily Blog (1)
* LA Observed (1)
* Cobb (3)
* OC Progressive (4)
* The Claremont Conservative (5)
* Politics in the Zeros (6)
* Orange Juice (6)
* Political Blotter (8)
* uggabugga (8)
* Oakland Focus (10)
* (11)

Congrats to Celeste Freemont who works hard on her blog and outranked Mayor Sam, for what may be the first time!)

So thanks to everyone who has been checking in throughout the day, evening and entire week who helped make Zuma Dogg #1 and Mayor Sam #14. (LMFAO!)


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