Zuma Dogg Twitter Update for Wed 12.03.09 (Trutanich, Essel, Krekorian, PensionGate & More)

[Pictured: It’s like the Farrah picture, but for Animal lovers! Trutanich, Rosendahl, Dogg, Zine, PPL — AND JOEL WACHS remind you to vote for our gal, Christine Essel this Tuesday for Los Angeles City Council! YES, Joel Wachs is scared to death of Krekorian in office, so he had to take a stand. Thanks, Joel!]

# The reason Home Depot was not opened up in Sunland-Tunjunga was because of the down economy and housing bubble burst. Not cause of Superman.

# MALIBU KARAOKE ALERT: This Friday evening (8pm) is the DEBUT of Karaoke at Malibu Pier! Greatest setting in the world at new bar/restaurant.

# Good Zuma Dogg Radio Show: http://ow.ly/IoYi

# Carmen “Nuch” Trutanich Back, Resting at Home Today! – “I bet the stress of having to rest at home is almost even m… http://ow.ly/166wSP

# “He’s working himself to death,” – L.A. Atty.Bill Carter “He’s working here 12 a day; then in the community.” (Glad that was the problem!)

# NUCH: Doctors believe Trutanich’s condition is related to stress, diet and exhaustion, officials said. Zuma says it’s TOXIC City Hall air.

# Trutanich is released from hospital, resting at home http://bit.ly/8prcDN

# BREAKING NEWS: Judge says L.A. controller Wendy Greuel has right to defend her office (Sorry, Nuch!) http://ow.ly/166vFN

# ZumaDogg.org: BREAKING NEWS…Judge rules on Controller Wendy Greuel’s right to defend her office (Nuch vs Greuel issue) http://ow.ly/ImQB

# HUGE BREAKING NEWS: Pathetic-Fuck Elliot Broidy Pleads GULITY, GUILTY, GUILTY in PENSION CORRUPTION (Told you that … http://ow.ly/166oWW

# A Message From Christine Essel on “Widespread Concerns About The Future of Animals in Current Economic Downturn” http://ow.ly/166oWU

# BREAKING NEWS:Former L.A .Pension Board Member Elliott Broidy GUILTY on felony charge PENSION CORRUPTION CHARGE (Buh-bye!) http://ow.ly/Ii1V

# Mayor Sam’s Michael Higby Seems To Have Lost His Soul To Paul Krekorian Political Operative Spinners…(Say A Praye… http://ow.ly/166ohC

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