Zuma Dogg’s Twitter Tweets For Monday 11.30.09 — ZD is PANICKED That L.A. City’s Economic Future Is Tied To "Bullish" Wall Street Economy

# The rest of U.S. is headed in same direction as L.A. – CREDIT DOWNGRADE! AND Dubai money needed for U.S. real estate now politically dicey. 1 minute ago from HootSuite

# LA City’s Economic Recovery Is Tied To Wall St:: So. I hope they have all the LACERS pension money in DXD and DOG. (ETFs that SHORT the DOW) 3 minutes ago from

# Janice Hahn For Lt Governor: I BEG you to vote for Janice Hahn. Help get her the HELL out of the city! (I guess there is no I.Q. test.) 36 minutes ago from HootSuite

# WALL STREET WATCH: http://ZumaDogg.org now streaming LIVE CNBC overseas coverage. (I jacked the CNBC codes, y’all!) about 1 hour ago from HootSuite

# SHADY AS HELL: TV 35 MAGICALLY had tech difficulties, again today, in re-broadcasting MOST DEVASTATING Budget news in history. No mistake. about 2 hours ago from HootSuite

# ARE THEY SERIOUS? THIS is LA Times Monday FRONT PAGE story: Artisan town carves out a niche in impoverished Egypt. Who gives a FUCK? about 2 hours ago from HootSuite

# ZD’s NEW Wall Street/Global Economy Tweet Page: http://twitter.com/wallstwatch. News stories from the net to help prep you for Wall Street. about 3 hours ago from HootSuite

# CNBC PRE-MARKET FUTURES PAGE: http://ow.ly/GZsP about 4 hours ago from HootSuite

# WALL ST: Wouldn’t be bullish yet, but Monday Meltdown may have cooled: Asian Stocks Rise as Dubai Losses MAY Be Contained http://ow.ly/GZpF about 4 hours ago from HootSuite

# Zuma Dogg’s Most IMPORTANT Post About L.A. City Council EVER (Video Link To L.A. City Council Budget Discussion for… http://ow.ly/165cnU about 12 hours ago from HootSuite

# VIDEO: You MUST watch this Budget Item at L.A. City Council Meeting. WATCH ENTIRE ITEM! The item they didn’t re-broadcast: http://ow.ly/GR9g about 13 hours ago from HootSuite

# BIG day for LA DAILY BLOG YESTERDAY: Page views way up to top levels. Not bad for holiday Saturday. I see what it takes to maximize blog. about 16 hours ago from HootSuite

# Zuma Dogg’s LA Daily Blog ranks in Top 10 for State of California, again this week. Mayor Sam’s blog not in the Top 10. 9:46 PM Nov 28th from HootSuite

http://ZumaShow.com – now enhanced to cover Wall Street and Global economy with streaming CNBC & Bloomberg TV feeds and “WallStWatch” Twitter updates, since L.A. City’s economic future is tied to LACERS pension money on Wall Street. ZD says this will become a problem, very shortly. I just spent the past two years warning of Phase 1 of the problem (from subprime initial warning to stock market dropping to 6000, to pension money at risk, then lost…to GOLD skyrocketing past $1000…to all the budget problems LA City Council just admitted to in the council meeting they won’t reply on TV 35.) NOW, it’s the beginning of Phase 2.

SUMMARY: Although it might not skyrocket today, long term (next year), the Dogg wishes he had “DOG” (stock symbol). DXD, actually. Both SHORT the DOW. Plus all the NASDAQ & S&P, RUSSELL and all the other “short” ETFs. (But I’m sure L.A. City pension experts are executing a more “bullish” strategy. (“Bullshit” is more likely the result it will produce.)


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