Zuma Dogg’s Most IMPORTANT Post About L.A. City Council EVER (Video Link To L.A. City Council Budget Discussion for Next Year…See "Mad Max")

[Pictured: Doing the only thing they are good at: Taking pictures of themselves. (Operating a municipality sure ain’t it.)]

Plain and simple, this is the most important blog thread I have ever posted, because it is a link to the video from Wednesday’s Los Angeles City Council meeting where the budget and economic future of the city was discussed.

PEOPLE…NOT GOOD! If there is ONE, long-ass, boring item I urge you to watch all the way through, like Michael Jackson once said…”THIS IS IT!”

WATCH THIS VIDEO…ALL THE WAY THROUGH! It includes the Grieg Smith “crybaby-loser” comments where he tries to spin Zuma Dogg. But HE’S the CLOWN who blew it all, not me. For a big guy, he sure sounds like a little sissy. This WAS the “Zuma Dogg Day of Reckoning” Meeting where their own people had to come out and say EVERYTHING BZD was saying for the past two years. HA HA, you foolish, jackass losers. You got your ass schooled by a homeless comedian. But YOU look like the clowns, clowns.

Here’s the link to the item (Aka: “Mad Max — The Los Angeles Sequel”) Coming soon to streets everywhere!

Some of the laughing-stock-losers Clowncilmembers (Garcetti/Perry/etc.) think they have a shot at mayor? NOT AFTER THIS. You will more likely be the poster children for changing the law back to allow for public stoning.

“Hi, I’m Eric Garshady. I want you to vote for me to be mayor after I was just President of the City Council who made all the decisions that got us into this historic mess.” (Common, Eric…I’m supposed to be the comedic entertainer.)



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