LA Daily Blog Twiiter Tweets on L.A. City Councilman Jose Huizar and his continuous DUMB comments on Citywide Issues (Today: Medical Marijuana)

On American Top 40, I’m Casey Kasem. He’s back on the LA Daily Blog radar, and like Michael Jackson, is BIGGER THAN EVER, returning to the charts at #1 with a bullet.

Making a return engagement on the countdown, it’s dumb, shady Los Angeles City Councilmember Jose “Weezy” Huizar for his ponderous comments on the front page of L.A. Times today, where he feels “70” is an appropriate number of medical marijuana collectives in the city.

Of course he has some dumb explanation, but who cares what the mob wants you to hear. All I know is I just read that a City Councilmember thinks there should only be 70 collectives, even though the city attorney’s office is o.k. with the original 187 number (assuming all 187 are operating compliantly under State law, which may be a separate issue).

So here are the TOP TEN tweets about the councilman who has VERY LITTLE chances of finishing out his term, he’s so deep in it…JOSE HUIZAR: (We like Jose, so hopefully he will just be forced to step down.) On American Top 40, I’m Casey Kasem.
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