Zuma Dogg’s MASSIVE Monday Morning Twitter Update

[Pictured: Guess Jerry, Steve and Carmen aren’t sharp enough to figure out the REAL problem, here. See Economic: “Law of Supply & Demand”]

# Good morning to Craig X Rubin. Karma’s a BITCH, baby. You thought you had the last laugh, you little punk? Happy birthday, bitch!

# GOLD SKYROCKETING: $1065/oz, up $14. Thank you, thank you! You probably scoffed at ZD instead of listening. Sorry.

# Zuma Dogg’s LA DAILY BLOG ranks #3 this week on BlogNetNews ranking of 100 CA news blogs. Mayor Sam not in Top 3 even though comments count.

# VIDEO: Zuma Dogg BLASTS Los Angeles City Council Over 1st Amendment FEDERAL Lawsuit: http://ow.ly/EMGf

# EMBEDDED AUDIO: Zuma Dogg BLASTS Council on 1st Amendment FEDERAL Lawsuit: http://ow.ly/EMEy

# ZUMA SHOW RADIO: Zuma Dogg Comedy Rant on CD2 City Council Election – PAUL KREKORIAN MUST BE REJECTED! http://ow.ly/163Bc8 (BlogTalkRadio)

# ZUMA DOGG on CD 2 City Council Candidate CHRISTINE ESSEL: http://ow.ly/EMcI

# GOLD continues to SKYROCKET…currently $1062, up $11 on overnight markets. Watch your stocks!

# RT @cnnbrk: Michael Jackson wins favorite male pop/rock artist. This is his 23rd AMA, a new record.

# RT @beckfordparents: NY Times columnist Thomas Friedman calls California “America’s biggest failed state” http://tl.gd/11a04

# RT @thehuffpost: http://HUFFPO.ST/c8Y VIDEO: JLo FALLS at the AMA awards

# RT @latimes: Monday front page: L.A. City Council to debate how many is too many when it comes to pot dispensaries http://bit.ly/8PKBNG

# SPONSORED TWEET: Verizon Wireless commercial by Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band http://ow.ly/EG8c

# MUSIC: CNN-style news bed for all future Michael Jackson stories: (Billie Jean, chamber orchestra version by ZD) http://ow.ly/EG7u

# REJECT KREKORIAN: If Paul Krekorian weasels his way onto L.A. City Council, I will be forced to leave the State out of public safety fears.

# AUDIO: ZD BLASTS the HELL out of LOSer ANGELES City Council over BULLSHIT “Code of Conduct’ That Will Cost City $MILLIONS$ http://ow.ly/EG2J

# ZUMA DOGG FEDERAL LAWSUIT SMALL UPDATE: The Federal judge ordered the transcripts from the case. SO THAT COUNCIL CAN SEE WHAT HE IS SAYING!

# NEW Zuma Dogg Radio Show (Zuma Show) – BlogTalkRadio: Zuma Dogg discusses the CD2 City Council election and more: http://ow.ly/EE6W

# HERE’S ONE FOR DEMING’S 14 POINTS: Was at grocery store. They have to have an employee at self-check out stand cause customers can’t use it.

# Zuma Dogg’s L.A. Daily Blog Top 3 In State of California This Week (TOP L.A. City Blog in Ranker of 100 Statewide B… http://ow.ly/163vc7

# AW YEAH: Zuma Dogg’s Radio Role Model, Scott Shannon of Z-100 & PLJ/New York, the NEW voice of 95.5 KLOS. (Also the voice of Hannity Show.)

# For all the hoopla around Mayor Sam’s blog, LA Daily Blog BEATS IT AGAIN THIS WEEK in BNN’s ranking of 100 California news blogs.

#3 in CA! # Shout-out to @leanblog. LeanBlog is a fan/disciple of Dr. W. Edwards Deming & 14 Points, too. ZD needs to do a radio show on 14 Points!

# Help elect the next Los Angeles City Councilmember, this Dec 8th! http://PoliticalActionLA.com.

# There has NEVER been a City Council election where BOTH candidates make me physically nauseous. ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE to pick the lesser of 2..

# Zuma Dogg’s FAVORITE website in the world. (It would HAVE to be)… http://ow.ly/EqxS

# @garybryan Oh man, you’re HOT tonight! What happened? Political corruption get you down when you look around? LOVE IT! (Secaucus Alumnist)

# RT @garybryanshow: Get ready to live on 35% of what you earn!

# RT @garybryanshow: How to close budget gap: Let’s take all of Oprah’s money! Or how about 90% of it? She can live on $270 million, right!??

# ZD would have paid $351K!: Michael Jackson moonwalk glove sells for $350K in NYC auction http://bit.ly/4yb0Rd

# RT @garybryanshow: The only way to limit politicians’ abuse of power is to limit the power of the government. Did founders have this right?

# Is this how the $ is spent?: RT @LAsBEST: Has anyone seen the LA’s BEST logo in Times Square on W Hotel jumbotron? Running every 4 hours!

# Now that @villaraigosa is termed-out/not running for Govnr & not able to make $ for unions & cronies HE’S DONE! A mere civil servant, now!

# Now that @villaraigosa is termed-out & NOT running for Govnr, I’m A LOT more comfortable with him. In this budget & economy, he’s neutered.

# ZUMA DOGG LOVES THE MAYOR, NOW!: Now that @villaraigosa is termed-out & NOT running for Gov, I LOVE HIM! His power & corruption is deflated.

# NEW: Help Elect Your Next Los Angeles City Council Member with http://PoliticalActionLA.com http://ow.ly/163qMN

# CHRISTINE ESSEL FOR CD2 CITY COUNCIL: Elect an outside, business woman who is NOT a career politician leaving recently elected office.

# ZD Reader Mail: “Zuma Dogg, You’re Frickin’ Brilliant.” (ZD Wins Over Another L.A. City Constituent The Hard Way) http://ow.ly/Enko

# VALLEY CITY COUNCIL ELECTION – DEC 8th: Help elect your next L.A. City Councilmember. http://PoliticalActionLA.com.

# KREKORIAN STIFFS SUNLAND-TUJUNGA: Krekorian was a “no show” at an annual S-T event where he was scheduled to present award. Essel was there.

# GOLD hitting record high of $1150 on Friday confirms it: I AM A PROPHETIC GENIUS and OBVIOUSLY my knowledge is channeled from higher power.

# I wish more friends would have listened to my advice on GOLD vs Stocks. Look at the prophet-like accuracy of my predictions over past 2 yrs!

# Remember when Zuma Dogg said it was time for GOLD in Oct in $900 range? Welp, now it’s at a record high $1150. People told me GOLD peaked.

# LA Daily Blog Reader Mail: “Zuma Dogg, You’re Frickin’ Brilliant.” (ZD Wins Over Another L.A. City Constituent The … http://ow.ly/163psf

# ZD can now make robo-calls @ 100 per hour. Can INCREASE to 1000. If you have a message you would like sent out, contact ZumaDogg@Gmail.com.

# Wow! I just did something new with Google and just got over 190,000 impressions in past 24 hours. Gonna start spreading my message THAT way!

# EVERYONE KNOWS ZD: Saw lady wearing hat w/L.A. City logo. I said, “You’re wearing the symbol of corruption.” She said, “Oh, Hi Zuma Dogg!”

# Sorry I’m not on same side of CD2 election as some friends, but I gotta go w City Hall clique versus Fuentes/Padilla/Cardenas/Alarcon crew.

# ZD, always OUTRAGEOUSLY WRONG, until proven right: Guess what radio station company told ZD, “RAP WILL NEVER BE PLAYED ON RADIO.” POWER106!

# Who do you think Assemblyman Paul Kreokrian is more closely tied to? Villaraiogsa/Wendy Greuel — or Fueuntes/Cardenas/Alarcaon/Padilla?

# FUNNIEST THING I’VE EVER SEEN: In campaign video for CA State Assemblyman jumping seats to run for council, it says, “Vote for change.” LOL!



One thought on “Zuma Dogg’s MASSIVE Monday Morning Twitter Update

  1. Please change your resolve to leave LA if your council choice doesn't win. We need you. Oh, and funny observation about the doctors outside the ice cream store (Nov 23 @ 10:58 AM). 'Smart doctors.

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