EMBEDDED AUDIO: Zuma Dogg BLASTS the HELL out of LOSer ANGELES City Council over their BULLSHIT "Code of Conduct’ That Will Cost City $$$MILLIONS$$$

[CAPTION: “Nuch, I’m tellin’ you…your city attorney is a nice guy, but should be part of Ringling Brothers as Circus clown, not part of your office. Federal Court is no place for “open mic comedy” by your staff of comedian/clown, losers. Tell them to try a coffee shop.”]

AUDIO: Zuma Dogg Returns to Council Chambers to Issue General Fund Alert Over 1st Amendment “Code of Conduct” Lawsuit. Followed by Matt Dowd. Notice how Eric Garcetti had to sit there and keep his mouth shut (without interrupting ZD, finally) as ZD blasts them HARDER than usual as a 1st Amendment exercise, and Matt Dowd uses the word, “bullshit” without a warning. This is because Garcetti knows what is coming and has to be on his best behavior in case the judge is watching. ALSO: Matt Dowd informed me today that the FEDERAL JUDGE requested a copy of the transcripts from out case. Which to ZD/Dowd is an indication that the judge wants Garcetti, City Council and perhaps even Nuch can have a little “looksey” to see what the judge is saying and how they better FIX IT with DOGG/DOWD before half the libraries and most of the parks have to close to pay the 11 (ELEVEN) of us. OH YES, we upped the ante by including 11 (ELEVEN) people on the lawsuit. NOT just two of us. BIGGER STAKES. Councilmember Parks, you should be having an “s” fit, right now. Imagine Dogg & Dowd finally walking away with millions out of YOUR general fund. Don’t say we didn’t try to warn you and take every measure possible to get you to comply with Federal Law and allow Zuma Dogg the FULL privileged of the FIRST AMENDMENT! BUT, the second NUCH took office, it got even worse, and Garshady got even MORE arrogant and even more interruptions — so now we’re just pissed off and realize the ONLY way you are going to comply with Federal law at Venice Beach and in council chambers is to punish you HARD financially. IMAGINE THE CONSTITUENT OUTRAGE WHEN MILLIONS ARE PAID TO US, WHEN PEOPLE WATCHED THE ENTIRE THING UNFOLD, RIGHT BEFORE THEM, OVER THE PAST THREE & A HALF YEARS on LIVE TV! THEY WILL BE FURIOUS! IT WILL BE NATIONAL NEWS BECAUSE THIS IS A FEDERAL, 1st AMENDMENT CASE OVER THE CONSTITUTION. AND THE MOST LAUGHABLE GOVERNMENT BODY (Los Angeles City Council) WILL BE PROVEN TO HAVE BEEN IN VIOLATION OF THE CONSTITUTION AND HAD TO PAY MILLIONS WHEN THE CITY IS STRUGGLING! can’t wait! FREE FOOD FROM RALPH’S FOR ALL ON MY EBT/FOOD STAMP CARD UNTIL IT RUNS UPON TRIUMPHANT FEDERAL RULING. COMING SOON: DOGG/DOWD’s theatrical reading of the FEDERAL transcripts from out MASSIVE lawsuit, now that the judge has put them ON THE RECORD in the file. ALSO: Listen to the “ZumaShow” BlogTalkRadio show on the upper right hand of this blog (blue widget). Another show coming soon. A lot about CD 2 City Council election (Krekorian fans, don’t listen…you’ll HATE it) — and ZD hammers Huizar on his call for only 70 medical marijuana collectives. (Even NUCH is fine with 187, if they are operating compliantly, you empty-headed, dummy. COMMON, JOSE…you are making it IMPOSSIBLE for me to not hate you. Before you know it, I’ll be forced to reject your free bananas, on principal.)


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