BREAKING NEWS: Zuma Dogg Delivers EXPLOSIVE Public Comment to Los Angeles City Council Over 1st Amendment FEDERAL Lawsuit (VIDEO)

VIDEO: After a nearly two-month hiatus from public comment at the Los Angeles City Council meetings, Zuma Dogg returned to chambers on Wednesday to deliver this EXPLOSIVE Public Comment update on his 1st Amendment “Code of Conduct” Lawsuit vs the City of Los Angeles in Federal Court. The last 30 seconds is the HEAT, y’all. So I wanted to note that it was nothing personal with Garcetti in my delivery of this comment in my role as a 1st Amendment fighter. Just doin’ what a gadfly does.

See also: Recent blog posts here and the BlogTalkRadio “ZumaShow” on this topic. (See widget)

All ZD videos, radio, music, Tweets and blog posts are on ONE page, now:

LATEST ZD TWEET: Sorry I’m not on same side of CD2 election as some friends, but I gotta go w City Hall clique versus Fuentes/Padilla/Cardenas/Alarcon crew.


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