It’s the Return of Zuma Dogg in City Council Chambers To Issue Statement Regarding First Amendment Lawsuit Against The City

[Pictured: I’m not smiling, bitch! SHUT UP WHEN I’M TALKING!!! SOON TO BE FEDERAL ORDERS!]

Tuesday, November 10, 2009 will be a one-day return to Los Angeles City Council chambers by Big ZD from the 213 (Zuma Dogg) for public comment to notify council of today’s (11/9/09) Federal hearing regarding ZD’s lawsuit against the City of Los Angeles over First Amendment issues during public comment at the Los Angeles City Council meetings. [Oops…just found out Clowncil is in RECESS this week, so no meeting on Tuesday, so I guess it will be when ever the circus returns to the big top chambers.]

Basically, I will be notifying Council President Eric Garcetti and the rest of those helpless clowns that ever time that arrogant, dumb, pompous clown interrupts me…it’s costing the city money. Because I am here to say, after attending the hearing today in Federal court; and hearing what the judge had to say…IT’S OVER!!! Regarding the “code of conduct” portion of this First Amendment lawsuit that also includes nine other performers from Venice Beach over performance issues (not a part of the code of conduct portion of the lawsuit) — THE CITY OF LOS ANGELES WILL BE PAYING MONEY OUT OF THE GENERAL FUND FOR THEIR SERIES OF MISGUIDED, DUMB AND ARROGANT INTERRUPTIONS OF DOGG & DOWD. The Los Angeles Times had a reporter sitting in and taking notes on the Federal hearing, this morning, and again…after listening to the judge — and listening to the weak arguments from the un-impressive city attorney, I will be appearing before City Council on Tuesday to advise them a much cheaper settlement will save the city hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of dollars. (There are 11 people on the lawsuit. That could be a BIG jury award.) AND AGAIN, all of this posting and showing up tomorrow to advise council they should pay out a much lower settlement amount at this point, as opposed to the BIG MONEY that they will be paying WHEN they lose in court. In other words, I am confident that I was right, all along — and the “code of conduct” was a bunch of non-legal, bullshit in violation of Federal law. Today, the City asked the judge to dismiss the case. He didn’t. It’s going forward and every indication is that the city lost to Zuma Dogg. And congratulations to New Zealander Matt Dowd for representing the other 10 Americans (including Zuma Dogg) on this FEDERAL CASE. And he handled himself FANTASTICALLY and sounds so good with that “Queen’s English” accent that sounds so legaleasy. And of course it helps when it’s really a “no brainer” (to coin council’s own phrase). BOTTOM LINE: Zuma Dogg will be showing up to the Los Angeles City Council meeting for the first time since September 22, 2009 to advise council they should consult with Dowd/Dogg on a recession-based LOW settlement, rather than spending all the time and extra money fighting it in court, because Zuma Dogg feels IT IS O-VER for the city after today’s FEDERAL hearing. So Eric, keep your dumb mouth shut when Zuma Dogg is talking, because you’re living in some kind of delusional fantasy world — and you don’t know what the FUCK you are talking about (as usual) and you won’t be able to blame your mommy, or daddy — and when the ruling is finally given — I will be able to come back and say much more — and you will have to endure much more…and I will be speaking NOTHING but rotten-egg talk in your smug face and spewing it all over your dumb, arrogant face. So SHUT THE FUCK UP WHEN I’M TAKING AND IT WILL ALL BE OVER IN TWO MINUTES, COWARD-ASS! (Which is EXACTLY what you are for what you have been pulling and trying to get away with. So now it will be mitigated with money out of your general fund and into Zuma Dogg’s pockets. SO SHUT UP AND DON’T MAKE IT WORSE. YOU HAD AMPLE WARNING. I DID EVERYTHING HUMANLY POSSIBLE (LITERALLY) TO GET YOU TO COMPLY WITH FEDERAL LAW…YOU MADE IT WORSE…SO YOU HAD TO BE STOPPED AND PUT IN YOUR PLACE, COWARD. HEY NUCH…better have a talk with your boy.

LISTEN: Click here for Zuma’s BlogTalkRadio “Zuma Show” on this matter. Quite a little bitch slapping rant in the second half of the show after the Depeche Mode karaoke song. Keep listening…

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