Mary Benson Balks At City Council Meeting During Her Public Comment Time (She Mocks Zuma Dogg, But Couldn’t Pull Off ONE Public Comment….LOL!)

[Editor’s Note: You KNOW it’s a cranky RANT, when it’s all one paragraph!]

Mary Benson has a looooooooong way to go before she can POP OFF with her big, overly-long winded (to the point of a bureaucratic filibuster) mouth at Zuma Dogg for the way he spent HIS time at city hall and “card board box” living conditions that ensued as a result. During the recent CD 2 City Council debates (forum, actually) Ms. Benson felt the need to “take off the gloves” and attack Zuma Dogg (a fellow grass roots candidate, and the grass roots candidates were supposed to attack the BIG 3 MONEY candidates, not each other, Mary) in response to my comments during the campaign that, “of all the candidates on the ballot, I am the only person who has attended a majority of the meetings over the past three years, and went over an entire year, without missing a single council meeting. And there is NO ONE in the city who can say that. Not any of the elected officials, staffers, members of the public, or anyone. (AND after the year-streak, I just took one day off to prove to myself that I could, and was back the next meeting for another “Lou Gehrig” sting of meetings.) So yes, that’s a benefit and advantage worth mentioning, because it provided me with the historic perspective and knowledge of knowing most of what has been happening at a very detailed and complex level, as I have scanned all of the agendas and spent countless hours interviewing/questioning city hall officials, outside experts and members of the public on these top city issues. Ms. Benson took that as an opportunity to say, “not all of us can live in a cardboard box…” EXCUSE ME! It’s true I was willing to dedicate myself and make a commitment in a way no one else ever has, and I had no business making that commitment if I ended up on the streets and now so burnt out, I think I’m beyond returning to the functionality I was enjoyed. BUT MARY BENSON CAN STILL KISS MY ASS…BECAUSE SHE COULDN’T EVEN WALK ONE DAY IN ZD’S SHOES! LOL! SHE COULDN’T EVEN MAKE IT THROUGH ONE COUNCIL MEETING! On Friday, Mary showed up for her big public comment at the council meeting, because she is running for City Council. Not THIS election, but the next CD 2 election in a year in a half. (She has ZERO chance of winning, because this election there was no incumbent [open seat], but next time, there will be an incumbent, and she ain’t gonna beat THAT…PLUS the other BIG MONEY candidates that will run next time, as well.) But campaigning, she is. And that’s nice. BUT, Friday she shows up to the council meeting and sits in that first row (on-camera) position you are familiar with seeing Zuma Dogg sit in awaiting his hundreds and hundreds of comments. Because it’s NICE to sit in that first “on camera” seat in the first row, because it allows people to know, “O.K., Zuma’s there and waiting to speak.” (For the people who tune in to see ZD, and might not STAY tuned in, if they aren’t sure if I’m coming up. Like a “coming up” bug on your screen.) So Mary did that on Friday. And there she was in the front row to let everyone watching know, “Look at me…I’m HERE today at the council meeting!!!” But again, it ain’t that easy or fun to sit through these long-winded council meetings. And when they called Mary’s name to speak, she missed her turn. Whether she was just out of the room for a minute, or left entirely. Either way, for whatever reason she was sitting in the front row, it didn’t add up to one, two minute public comment. Zuma Dogg never walks away from a meeting without maxing out the entire seven minutes allowed. So Mary Benson has a loooooooong way to go before she can be proud of any achievements insied council chambers. She obviously took a first stab at it on Friday. But mission aborted. I KNOW I MAKE IT LOOK EASY ON TV, MARY. Now feel free to keep my name out of your mouth and say hello to your pal Walter Moore to me. You both have ONE thing in common. NEITHER ONE OF YOU ARE EVER GOING TO BE IN A RUN-OFF AND YOU BOTH HAD TRASH TO TALK ABOUT ZUMA DOGG. You losers DEFINE yourselves by your candidacies. You walk around saying, “I ran for office and got ‘so and so’ many votes.” And BOTH of you had to do it at the expense of Zuma Dogg. But NEITHER of you could walk ONE DAY in my shoes, losers. LOL!

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[Pictured: Mom had to drive the camera out to Barnes and Noble on a Saturday Night when Zuma Dogg was spotted in Westlake Village/Thousand Oaks area. Didn’t spend a PENNY in the media to achieve this result.]

SOMEWHAT RELATED: People like Walter Moore and Mary Benson can run their big fat mouths about Zuma Dogg and his activities in the the COUNTIES of Los Angeles and Ventura, but do you have ANY IDEA what it takes to produce the type of public feedback that I am treated to on the streets on a daily basis? Recently, last month, I walked into an upscale bar in Malibu that I hadn’t been to in about a year. IMMEDIATELY, many in the crowd flock to ZD to say, “hello,” and let me know how much they admired my efforts over the past nine years in the L.A. media. The FIRST person who came up to slap me on the back…BEFORE I even walked in the door as I stood outside the door already greeting people who were already running up to me said, “You’re an “f-ing” legend, Zuma Dogg.” AND FOR THE RECORD, I’ll have you know, Sean Penn, Kid Rock and other Hollywood actors were there that evening, too. AND AMONG THOSE PEOPLE, Zuma Dogg is a legend in that person’s mind. AND IT WENT UP HILL FROM THERE. (Ask Jill Stewart what happened in Agoura Hills the first time we ever met at a local bar, there. CONSTANT interruptions by people trippin’ that ZD was there, LIVE before their eyes!)

So I don’t appreciate being besmirched publicly by mean-spirits like Walter Moore and Mary Benson. I don’t think these people are stopping me on the streets calling me, “legend” and all the other accolades you are familiar with because I attack you two losers. Now try and carry on without having to do it at my expense, Mr. Moore and Ms. Benson. AND THAT GOES FOR ANONYMOUS COMMENTS, TOO, Walter!


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