It’s a NEW PAC Committee: CD 2 SUCKERS For Krekorian (Falling For The WORST of 120 Legislators/See "Special Interest Luxury Gifts" Dept.)

Here is a follow up to today’s previous blog post on CD 2 City Council Candidate Paul Krekorian’s lavish gift-taking as State Assemblyman. Kevin James addressed this issue with Zuma Dogg calling in for added comic relief, last night. And today, someone sent me this email, wondering why I was supporting Essel, without getting this” whistleblower” information out there. It appears anything less than this blog post (which I am more than happy to post, now that these links came to my attention) is just ZD being partisan.
Glad to let some people see some of the reasons I was against Krekorian, from the start, and was pleased that Essel was someone I could easily get behind, in contrast and comparison. More on my reason why, all over this blog. ZUMA DOGG DOES NOT WANT TO SEE AN ASSEMBLYMEMBER, ESPECIALLY THIS ONE, INSIDE THE HORSESHOE! I’ve warned of a lot of things over the past three and a half years, and this is a big one. From Zuma’s Inbox:


You missed this on CD 2 City Council Candidate, State Assemblyman Paul Krekorian in the Sacramento Bee. He is among the worst of the 120 legislatorss and top guys like the governor who take luxury gifts from special interests: Click here

Here is who is lavishing him with freebies. (I really wonder why he wants to leave the position?) Click here

I thought you were a whistleblower, Zuma?

Paul Krekorian gets about $150 a day in pocket money, per diem, as an elected official — on top of the nice legislative salary.

ZD: This guy is taking free wine, concert tickets, expensive dinners, fancy clothes for his limo ride to the show. But the people of CD 2 don’t get to go along for the ride. How about at least a bite out of your chocolate computer that someone gave you, for some reason. Hey Paul, how about Zuma Dogg gives you a nice cotton candy wi-fi set up to go along with the chocolate computer?

He promised EVERYTHING to supporters, recently, when he was just re-elected…went door to door gathering information to help him with his absentee ballot campaign under the guise of “constituent services and outreach,” or whatever, and you suckers say, “Oh, he’s good on constituent services,” WHEN HE WANTS TO RUNAWAY FROM HIS COMMITMENT TO VOTERS HE JUST MADE…THAT’S NOT GOOD CONSTITUENT SERVICES!!! That’s called using your Assembly position to run a pre-emptive absentee ballot campaign under the guise of door to door community outreach.

And I wonder if people who endorse and support him know that he’s Mr. Rockstar ASSemblymember with his free wine and food and clothes and tickets and limos and gifts and is the TOP OF THE FOOD CHAIN when it comes to this stuff. Paul sure likes his perks.

Instead of Krackwhorian, how about just “Perky Paul!” (But there’s a reason I changed it from Krackorian, to Krackwhorian.” And now you see why.)


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