Zuma Dogg’s Commitment to CD 2 Voters on FIRST 3 Things I’ll Need To Do As City Councilmember To Give Back The Community to the Community

A MESSAGE FROM DAVID SALTSBURG (Zuma Dogg): Here are the first things I want to do when I walk in the door as YOUR Los Angeles City Councilmember:

1. I will hire a full time staff member that the Neighborhood Council system chooses to work with Neighborhood Councils in my district. Will also move to have one member from NC system on each city commission (DWP, Planning, etc.) as stated in City Charter.

2. Will hire full time investigator to go start digging and researching and coming up with all the documentation showing what exactly is going on in the city regarding its operations and expose the fraud, waste and abuse and call for reform measures. The first person who comes to mind for this position is Beth Barrett who worked as an investigative journalist for Daily News and has a lot of knowledge and historic perspective already. (Thanks to Ron Kaye for that great idea!)

3. Will find money in places like “office holder account” to create a “Town Hall” TV show to be broadcast on TV 35 where the community can show up for REAL public comment to bring the fraud, waste, abuse and local issues that need attention to my attention and to the forefront of the city, exposing it — and my staffers and I will engage in the debate and dialogue toward the goal of getting to the bottom of the bureaucracy that plagues the neighborhood.

These first three items will be the infrastructure that needs to be put in place so that Zuma Dogg as City Council member can open up the flood gates to the community and really, really give the people of CD 2 the platform to create change and true reform. This is how we can accomplish all the other goals like parking meter time rollbacks (8 is too late…6 is the fix!), planning issues the community fights against, placing ballot measures when needed.

Thanks to Ron Kaye of http://OurLA.org who I called to help think of some real specifics that I should do when I walk in the door as Councilmember. And Ron really went into his most inspiring “rant” (dare I call it) where these ideas came out. It’s great to read Ron’s writing, but when he went into full “take it back and here’s how” mode, it was Ron at his best and was extremely inspiring and it really helped me see a vision of things from a different angle.

So those are the first three things I would do, right away, as YOUR Los Angeles City Council member. Although I was going to list some specifics like roll back parking meter hours, or address a DWP issue (issues…MASSIVE ISSUES), and all the other specific issues, Ron really sold me on the value of installing these types of measures, right off the bat to basically dust off the sports car, fill the tank, change the oil and get this community activism machine ROLLING…with the Dogg at the wheel and foot on the pedal.

AND ALL THE NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCIL MEMBERS AND OTHER COMMUNITY LEADERS TELLING ME WHAT YOU NEED DONE…AND I’LL DO EVERYTHING I CAN TO MAKE IT HAPPEN! Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Councilmember is a JOB and the JOB is working for you and doing what you need done in the community.

CLICK HERE to see video of my comments at various CD 2 City Council candidate forums. And please vote David “Zuma Dogg” Saltsburg so we can make this all happen.

What else should I do? Email: ZumaDogg@Gmail.com Tell everyone you know there is a City Council election on Tuesday, September 22nd and “Zuma Dogg” is on the ballot!

Official website: electZuma.com


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