Candidate Statement by David Saltsburg (Zuma Dogg) For City Council CD 2 (VOTE September 22, 2009…FIND YOUR ABSENTEE BALLOT TODAY AND MAIL IT IN!)

[Pictured: Zuma Dogg being interviewed in front of LAUSD building on Tuesday about new reform motion that was passed.]

My name is David Saltsburg. You may know me as, “Zuma Dogg” from my non-stop attendance of the L.A. City Council meetings as broadcast on TV 35; my frequent radio calls; or constant blogging. My efforts over the past three years inside City Hall as a champion of the people’s voice at the L.A. City Council meetings have been covered by ABC News Nightline, LA Times, LA Weekly, talk radio and local TV news (FOX, KNBC, KCAL, KTLA, KCBS).

As you may have heard, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is backing three of his own BIG MONEY, political insider, machine candidates in hopes of fooling you into voting for one of the three. He’s hoping to win the seat out from under the actual community and take control of the district.

I don’t have to tell you how the mayor and his other shady council-puppets have destroyed the fabric and character of the community while driving it to the edge of bankruptcy. WE MUST NOT ALLOW VILLARAIGOSA TO WIN CONTROL OF THIS SEAT!

Beside the three City Hall insiders, there are several other candidates on the ballot. But here is why I think I am not only (by far) the most ready and qualified of all other candidates on the ballot; but why I am the candidate you most want to see in that seat; standing up and speaking up for actual community members like you and your neighbors.

First of all, over the past three years, I have woken up and headed down to City Hall for each council meeting. (I recently went over a full year without missing a single council meeting.)

That means I know exaclty what is going on and what has been going on. I know what causes have had which (negative) effects in the community and on the city as a whole.

When these agenda items hit the floor in real time on LIVE TV, you don’t want someone who is just coming around, now, because there is a position open who doesn’t have the benefit of the avalanche of agenda history. I don’t think there is any other candidate on the ballot who is more informed on the issues as they fly through the agenda. I wonder if all the candidates can even read and understand what is being said? Even L.A. City Councilmembers themselves have even called me a “phrophet” and told me that, “half the time, councilmembers are listening to you (Zuma) just to see what’s really going on.”

Secondly, while at all these meetings, I have spent countless hours speaking not only with the Councilmembers, staffers and city hall insiders who I am able to ask questions (grill) on the issues, but more importantly, I have spent countless hours listening to the thousands of your neighbors and community members from across the city on all these issues.

Additionally, all the time spent at the council meetings, neighborhood council meetings and other committee meetings and events across the city, means I have been tutored and mentored by the most qualified experts themeselves: YOU! (The actual experts in the community.)

My biggest find was discovering pension money was being invested in overly risky Wall Street stocks and real estate projects. We now know the effect this had on the city. I was warning of this before, during and after! Imagine if ONE councilmember would have stood up and demanded an accounting of the LACERS pension money, as they just did recently…AFTER THE FACT! That alone would have saved the city. But council said nothing and I was the only one you will find “on the record” warning of this in advance. I was also the first and only person to warn of “subprime” problems on the record and asked council to prepare for the effects.

David Saltsburg (Zuma Dogg) has over 15 years experience working in the extremely competitive radio and record industry as Program Director, Operations Director and Research Director working for some of the biggest stations in America in Houston, Washington, New York City and Los Angeles.

He was also Director of Charts for Billboard Magazine (BPI) and oversaw the weekly production of five international trade magazines, including the HOT 100 Chart.

Throughout his career, Dave was known as an innovative trailblazer and left the market a buzz for years after his departure.

In his managerial role, he was responsible for the oversight of large staffs with HUGE budgets for hiring, promotion, marketing and research.

You don’t go from Columbus, Ohio to Times Square/New York City on word of mouth unless you are offering something most outstanding and accomplishing what no one else out there seems to be able to (producing noticable results). And this isn’t public money (that isn’t actually theirs’) that these radio operators are playing with. THEY ARE PLAYING WITH THEIR OWN REAL MONEY…AND YOU DON’T TRUST A $100 MILLION RADIO STATION TO SOMEONE WHO ISN’T FIRING ON ALL CYLINDERS, which includes being able to work with, manage and inspire workers to do their best and have an uplifting environment in which to work. IF YOU HAVE BAD MORALE, YOU WILL HAVE BAD EVERYTHING ELSE.

So when other candidates jump up there and say, “I’m going to have the best constituent services,” remember that is oh so VERY, VERY easy to say.

I can say that I have not only studied quality management (how to actually ACCOMPLISH your goal of constituent services), was published on the topic (including in “Quality Digest”), have been recognized by Deming himself and have implemented this in my radio career that took me from Columbus, Ohio to NYC (#1 Radio Market in the world).

If you haven’t heard of me, start asking around about, “Zuma Dogg” and what it would mean if I was the next City Councilmember. I hope they will tell you that I have stood up and spoken out against the fraud, waste, abuse and overall anti-community spirit. After attending all the meetings, and speaking to all the people, and as someone who cares enough to have done all of this on my own time, all I have to do is walk a few feet over to the seat itself and continue to reflect and represent the voice of community. If Villaraigosa and a bunch of City Councilmember don’t like it…GOOD! They’ve been winning by default. On September 22nd, you have a real opportunity to vote not only for a grassroots candiate, but someone who actually knows what’s going on and a person who thousands of people have rallied behind as a single, concerned citizen speaking up. LET’S DO IT! SEPTEMBER 22nd!

“A Day In The Life Of Zuma Dogg” (How he got all mixed up in city politics.)

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