Zuma Dogg For City Council CD2: The Community Says "NO" To Jammin’ 229 Homes In A Golf Course [Daily News Does Article About This Today!]

[Pictured: It’s NOT in the hole! If Zuma Dogg is City Councilmember in CD2, that 229 housing project will be a big SWING, and a miss! SORRY DEVELOPER!]

DAILY NEWS HAS A NICE ARTICLE ON THE VERDUGO HILLS GOLF COURSE AND POSSIBLE HOUSING PROJECT THAT IS BEING FOUGHT. Our own Nina Royal has an insightful quote that reminds us of the value of the front-line activists in the area: “They’re pricing it as if they had been granted a variance,” says Nina Royal, a board member of Save the Golf Course, alluding to the developer’s hope of the city changing the area from limited density to high density zoning, which would likely raise the land’s value. Without a variance, developers could build just 16 homes on the golf course property. They hope to get permission from the city to build 229 homes.

Yeah, yeah…thanks for the angle, Nina! I can just hear myself shouting at Council, “Do not be bamboolzed people…this property is priced so high, the only way it could be worth it, is if you already know you get the “variances” for higher density thrown in for free from the city, y’all!”



PUBLISHER NOTE: Since another local blog seems to have fallen of the cliff recently, I am going to try and pick up even more local slack, especially since I see my blog is the top ranking L.A. blog in the BNN ranker over the past 12 weeks; so that keeps the pressure on me to give people something to check into throughout the day. (For the record: Ron Kaye’s blog isn’t in the BNN ranker, so when I say “top ranking” I mean of the bloggers who signed up in the ranker like LA Observed, Mayor Sam and the others. Don’t wanna make it sound like I’m claiming my blog has more readers than Ron’s, and it may be implied when I post the stats, so wanted to make that clarification. GREAT, now Ron will probably sign up and he’ll end up outranking me.)


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