Zuma Dogg’s Honorable Attendance Requested by City of Los Angeles For Villaraiogsa’s Mayoral Inauguration (I’ll hold my nose and attend)

Yes, Antonio…consider this my official RSVP, because it appears as though the honor of my presence has been requested at the inauguration of Mayor Antonio Douchearaiogsa. That gal backed by IBEW money for City Controller will also be sworn in. Plus, bring a box of tissues, cause you will be crying tears of sickness and sadness as a bunch of shady-losers who just drove the city into bankruptcy are sworn in for more insufferable approvals of everything wrong. Plus, Villar’s new “roll over puppet” will be un-veiled and unleashed on density-stricken CD 5. At least the mayor probably won’t make it past the end of this year, and Carmen “Nuch” Trutanich is at least being sworn in, too, so as to keep the rest of those shady-fucks in check.

SEE YOU WEDNESDAY MORNING VIAGRAIOSA, WETHERLY GREUEL, I MEAN WENDY GREUEL, COUNCILOSERS AND ONE GOOD PART! Be camera ready, as usual, and please don’t be too late. If you keep me waiting too long, my medical brownie wears off and I start get edgy and squirmy and start shoutin’ out, “Hoooooody hooooooooooooo!”

See you at this historically tragic day in L.A. City history.

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