Zuma Dogg Public Comment on MEDICAL MARIJUANA Dispensaries at Los Angeles City Council Meeting

[Pictured: Zuma Dogg waits to speak at today’s City Council meeting. It was the biggest crowd in the three years he’s been attending.]

In the three years I have been attending Los Angeles City Council meetings, it has never been so packed that I couldn’t get in to fill out cards, and they handed out the cards to fill out, OUTSIDE the chambers in the hallway.

Of course, they blew threw a lot of the items before the cards made it to the desk, so they were handed back and Zuma Dogg and his head hit the roof of the City Hall rotunda, but there were still enough agenda items on the board to have ZD max out his seven minutes with massive shadiness to spare that did not get to be addressed.

Primarily on the agenda today were the medical marijuana dispensaries and the hardship exemption. Rather than type it all up right now, after a LONG council meeting (10a-3pm), plus travel time in the morning, fighting the crowd, problems with cards, and the actual sitting through the meeting itself and delivering the comments; here are the things I would be typing up. So just watch it, instead of reading it. And I will type up a whole thread, with further details later.


“1. Zuma Dogg on Medical Marijuana HARDSHIP EXEMPTIONS….”

2.“…Zuma Dogg General Public Comment…”

3. “ Zuma Dogg on Medical Marijuana Dispensaries…”

4. “…Zuma Dogg on Special Event Fees….”

CBS 2: L.A. City Council Holds Pot Dispensaries Hearings

Spent a lot of money on activism, didn’t make a lot. I’m more broke than the city. Really broke. PayPal if you can. But new people only, please.

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