LA Daily Blog – Monday Morning Recap (Have you seen the video of ZD Busting Gavin Newsom in Malibu?)

[Pictured: The new Jack Weiss surrounded by gadflies. Just kidding, Paul! At least you are smiling, which is something I have never seen out of the CD 5 office.]

Monday, June 8, 2009 – 9am

BREAKING NEWS: Is CalPERS Lou Moret Having His Non-Profits Investigated by VARIOUS Agencies? LA Daily Blog has just heard that CalPERS boardmember Louis F. Moret and his brother Gilbert Moret’s non-profit organizations are being investigated by various agencies.

With so many new LA Daily Blog/Zuma Dogg readers these days, and with California Goobernatorial campaigning in full effect, here’s Zuma Dogg announcing to the world that they mayor is going to run for Governor. (No, not you Antonio, Gavin Newsom. He didn’t fuck up his city as badly as you did, so he gets to run. YOU DON’T…just ask Obama.) So here’s the video of Zuma Dogg “outing” Newsom’s Guv-run, which got off to a bad start when Newsom parked his gas-guzzling SUV in the fire lane. Maybe that shit flies in S.F. county…but not in Zuma Dogg County, son. Best believe! Watch Zuma Dogg take control of the situation and make the Governor Candidate Newsom comply with “Zuma’s Law.” Cause when in L.A., “We do it, ‘ZUMALITO’S WAY!”

Mayor Gavin Newsome Vehicle Moved Out Of Fire Lane

And remember, new DWP “mandatory conservation pricing” since we are in a self-inflicited water crisis thanks to U.S. Filter/Vivendi, Wetherly Captial’s shadiness, Gray Davis, Keith Brackpool and Cadiz, Inc. (There’s no money to be made during a surplus, only a shortage. Better make sure there IS one.) Meanwhile, the “MADATORY” conservation pricing is in effect to help conserve water. You may only water your lawn on Monday and Thursday. Oh no, this was on a Sunday, y’all!


Zuma Dogg Busts LA City Water Wasting At Venice Beach
ZD on YouTube


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