Zuma’s L.A. Daily Blog Ranks #2 on BlogNetNews CALIFORNIA Statewide Ranker

[Pictured: Zuma’s Victory Party for his blog coming in #2 in State for first time.]

It’s good I still get to stay the under dogg. I’m #2, I’ll try harder. Just think, if I was #1, it might go to my head.

Blogs ranked by BNN Influence – State of California (2/100 blogs in BNN ranker)

Rank Blog Prev
1 OC Progressive 8
2 L.A. Daily Blog 5

Stadium Announcer Voice: Thank you, California-a-a-a!

I’ve been lettin’ y’all know that I’ve been feeling momentum on my blog and the posts have been going to the top throughout the week. But, this is ZD’s LA Daily Blog’s highest ranking ever on the BNN survey of 100 news blogs from across the State of California. And this week was the first week I place a post in the Top 2 of the U.S ranker for the day.

Of course you know that it is quite ironic that this has CLEARLY been my roughest and most miserable week as a human being, after life on the street has really, really caught up with me and the effects have been compounded (sleep deprivation, strees, lack of nutrition and their side effects) while I have been doing my hottest blogging ever, at the same time. (I don’t like the ying-yang, y’all. I’d settle for #10 and be more comfortable. Anyway…I’m so caught up in the day to day grind of the meetings, and the phone calls and the research and the homeless stress that I almost forgot to say…




Zuma’s blog is the only one from L.A. in the Top 2, and it wasn’t based on any fluffy jibber-jabber and isn’t about recaping stories and linking to them once they come out in the newspaper.


And besides the sheer triumphantness of the homeless guy who was mostly worried about dropping on the street from dizziness and hunger, outranking all the other blogs (except that one Orange County blog you don’t care about)…OH SNAP…LOOK AT WHAT I HAVE BEEN BLOGGING ABOUT…DOESN’T BODE REAL WELL FOR THE SHADY, CORRUPT, DESPERATE, GREEDY, RACKETEERING, WETHERLY-CAPITAL-MONEY-TAKING, PENSION-PILFERING, COWERDYLY, PAY-TO-PLAY, BILL CLINTON-WANNABEE, LOSERS WHO I HAVE BEEN WRITING ABOUT. (Mainly the mayor…and if the shoe fits…stick it up your ass, Antonio. There are about three people who care that I just said that to you, and you are paying them.)


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