Zuma’s LA Daily Blog Places Five Stories in Today’s BNN Top 10 California STATEWIDE Ranker (That’s 50% of Top 10!)

Pictured: The Zuma Dogg totem pole. (See previous “Totem of Shadiness” post)

ZD’s LA DAILY BLOG: The blog with bite. My blog EATS the fluffy lapdog blogs like Kevin Roderick’s LA Observed who I wish would follow my lead in taking on shadiness more, instead of being the spokesperson for it. There is a reason I am #5 and he is #10 for the second straight week.

Today’s Most Clicked POSTS – BlogNetNews Statewide California Ranker

The Beatles did it in the 60’s with multiple hits in the Top 10 at the same time, as did the Bee Gees in the 70’s and now, Zuma Dogg’s LA Daily Blog is consistently placing multiple stories in the BlogNetNews Top 10 California ranker, when many times (most times) no other local L.A. blog are even placing one story in the Top 10 or Top 5. PLUS, ZD gets the occasional story that makes it into the Top 5 of BNN’s NATIONAL RANKER of all reporting U.S. blogs! (Yes, it’s a lot to comprehend.)

Por hemplo, today, Zuma’s LA Daily Blog with 4 posts in Top 6 and 5 in the Top 10 (that’s half the top ten in the STATE of California, not just Los Angeles!) There are about 100 news blogs in the ranker. Most, if not all of them written and published by people who do not sleep outside on the street and are not blogging on the street hungry. What a bunch of obviously inferior losers because I do not see even ONE local Los Angeles post in the ranking, while I have 4/6 and 5/10. Doh!

Zuma’s blog came in Top 5 for the week on the BNN ranker. As a basis of comparison, LA Observed (Kevin Roderick) came in #10 this week, to ZD’s #5, just to give you a sense. (Of what a loser he is, or how dominant I am in the blog world. Either way, ZD is too broke and sleep deprived to function, but those dummies still can’t figure out how to compel readership. Why not just copy and paste my articles into your own blog. I’m fine with that. For me, it’s about getting the message out there, and the ranker is an indication of how that is going and what people most respond to. Looks like they respond to just about everything I am blogging, these days. And for VERY good reason, son. Best believe, and bow down to the Row!


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