VIDEO: Zuma Dogg’s City Council PUBLIC COMMENT & Weekend Story Update

[Pictutred: Zuma Dogg and Matt Dowd in weekend storage
between Los Angeles City Council meetings.]

LA Daily Blog – WEEKEND Edition

NEW: “Zuma Dogg & Matt Dowd’s LEGENDARY, HEAT-FILLED, TOO HOT, PUBLIC COMMENT #1 (5/29/09)”

NEW: “Zuma Dogg & Matt Dowd Public Comment #2 (5/29/09)”

NEW: “Mr. Zuma Dogg Public Comment #3 (5/29/09)”

NEW: “Zuma Dogg Public Comment #4 (5/29/09).”


Posted: Thu, 28 May 2009 03:37:00 +0000

ZUMA DOGG’s NewsWIRE: News stories from wire services across the internet relating to this blog’s focus. In other words, the stories I read on the internet that go into this blog.


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