RON BURKLE: Everything Antonio Villaraigosa & Bill Clinton Doesn’t Want Me To Post About This Shady BAG MAN!

Laugh all you want at Zuma Dogg because his mommy made him wear his fuzzy pink cap today, Bill and Ron, you mean rich bullies. You won’t be laughing after the rest of this post, bitch!

I don’t like the divisive spin from Villaraiogsa’s spin-pussies on Mayor Sam’s blog. The City Attorney election is OVER, losers, which is what you are. So take your loser ball and worry about PENSIONGATE and how you are going to cover a $7 billion loss of pension funds. HEY DOUCHARAIOGSA…THE CITY WILL HAVE TO DECLARE BANKRUPTCY NEXT YEAR OVER THIS. And so, if your loser spin operatives are going to attack MY friends on blogs, I, my son, will attack YOURS!

Sorry I had to drag you into this Ron. I thought they learned their lesson over the weekend when I told them I didn’t like what I was reading out of Villar’s shady-pussy spin department, so I had to take it out on Cuomo, in order to be able to take it out on Wendy.

But the problem with Villaraigosa’s City Hall, is the reason his boy Jackass lost. And it’s why Zuma Dogg is going to have to keep teaching Villaragiosa and his pals who the superior political operative is in this town.

In other words, ANTONIO…READ THIS, THEN CALL YOUR BOY WHO IS IN CHARGE OF THE COMMENT SECTIONS OF CERTAIN BLOGS AND TELL HIM TO WAIT UNTIL YOU OFFICIALLY RUN FOR GOVERNOR. Ya feel me, dough? I hope so. Cause YOU don’t know what I may, or may not be sitting on. But look how quickly I slam dunked Cuomo, just because I found out Wendy was raising money for him.

Y’all better recognize. Take your losses and MOVE ON! (So that’s why Ron.)


The United States is in the middle of the biggest financial investigation in history. The investigation, launched by New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, is now coast to coast. The SEC is involved in at least New York and California. To date five people/companies have been indicted for felonies and securities fraud and three people/companies have cut deals ranging from felonies to a civil resolution (The Carlyle Group). Hundreds of subpoenas have been issued. Dozens of people are targets. Lives and businesses have been for ever destroyed. Many names and companies have been mentioned in indictments and the press.

One name is conspicuously absent. The one man more powerful in Los Angeles (when it comes to political fundraising and access/pay-to-play) than the Godfather, Dick Ziman, himself – Ron “grocery BAG man” Burkle.

What am I talking about? Just look at the list of who’s who of Burkle’s private equity company Yucaipa. Working for Yucapia, at one time or another, has been:

1) Former President Bill Clinton- The former President has toured the world on behalf of Yucaipa raising money from everyone, including all the major public and private pension funds and Unions. Clinton has his own room at Burkle’s mansion, Green Acres. Rumor has it that the two often live the life of degenerate playboys. As a matter of fact, Yucaipa controls the distribution arm of Playboy and Penthouse (Source Interlink).

2) Ari Swiller – Mayor Villaraigrosa’s power broker. The person that ran the Mayor’s transition team and is pulling the levers behind the curtain. Swiller was a principal at Yucaipa with responsibilities which included raising Yucaipa’s private equity funds, strategic investment planning, public relations, and community affairs.

3) Adrian Gaines – a placement agent for Yucaipa who recently worked for indicted Saul Meyer and Aldus Equity.

4) Horatio Sparks – Deputy Comptroller for Pensions under Billy Thompson, New York City Comptroller.

5) Darius Anderson – Of Goldbridge Capital. A placement agent that is in the middle of the national investigation.

6) Dan Weinstein of Wetherly – If this is a shock; you have not been awake for the last few weeks. Wetherly has been involved in every part of the corruption investigation. Weinstein did placement work for Yucaipa along with Vicki Schiff, Peter Borges, and Dick Ziman. William H. Jackson, longtime Wetherly Captial attorney was appointed CRA Chairman by Villaraigosa in ’95 when he was first took office.

Burkle’s team, grows and grows, and uses its power, influence, and access to pay-to-play better than anyone else. Yucaipa has raised money from all the major pensions funds including $1 billion from CalPERS and big money from New Mexico, New York State, and New York City pension funds to name just a few.

Why is Yucaipa and Burkle not being investigated? Is this, again, selective prosecution by Attorney General Andrew Cuomo? Is this like the pass that Cuomo has given to Marvin Rosen (the placement agent that sold the Lincoln Bedroom for Clinton)?

Oh no…I’m getting kicked out of this internet cafe…MORE TO COME!

HEY VILLARAIGOSA…WHAT SHALL I POST NEXT??? TELL YOUR BOY TO SHUT THE FUCK UP OR YOU WILL FIND OUT. But you WILL make the mistake of ignoring this. AND GET RID OF WILLIAM H. JACKSON ALREADY ANTONIO! (More on that if necessesary. And you don’t need more than another 48 hours to dump Jackson.CAPISHE!)

Hey Bill Clinton…Tony Robbins paid his respects to me once by bowing down to me on stage before his own crowd of over 2000 people. But he kinda had no choice. But it didn’t go to my head. But I noticed your own TR training from 1993. Served us well!


One thought on “RON BURKLE: Everything Antonio Villaraigosa & Bill Clinton Doesn’t Want Me To Post About This Shady BAG MAN!

  1. After succeeding Mayor Bob O’Connor, who died of a brain tumor in 2006, then winning the primary and general elections the following year to complete Mr. O’Connor’s term, Mr. Raventsahl was criticized for, among other things, flying to New York on a trip paid for by Ron Burkle, a longtime Democratic fund-raiser, and going to Boston instead of attending a community meeting on the design of a new casino.

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